I am at a age (42yo m) where being divorced with no kids kind of sucks. I still love physical intimacy and sex. As time has gone on since my separation and now being single I've never had such a urge to have wild, raw, risky sex Like the whole idea of getting her pregnant and having a baby turns me on. Problem is younger women want a fit, wealthy, and hot older guy unfortunately I'm not any of those. Not sure what to do or where to start.

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  • There are some desperate younger women out there who just want marriage and want to begat a baby. Chances are better than not that they won't be hot so your standards may have to be lowered. But, even if this happens for you next week, and she gets pregnant next month, the kid will be hitting college age when you're hitting retirement age. It can be done, but, you've already said you're not wealthy. Your fatherhood ship may have already sailed.

  • Female 20 here.
    out of all the older guys iv had sex with similar to what u want, you are correct! they have been ether fit or wealthy, its what attracts me. same as an older guy is attracted to a girl like me, young, blonde, size 8. i let guys who turn me on fuck me, no guys who look like they have given up on life. sorry babe x

  • Have a good look at yourself in all honesty what self respecting lady would like you fucking them let alone having a child with your genes
    Get a blow up doll and fuck yourself silly

  • Just get used to pulling yourself off, looser

  • Start going to the gym or take up a sport.
    seriously - you will get fit and meet women there.

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