Showed naked pictures of my wife to a friend she works with

I Recently posted here about showing naked pictures of my wife to a married friend she works with. He was floored to say the least the first time I showed but told him it was by mistake. It didn't take long before he asked to make more mistakes which I wasted no time in doing so. By mistake my wife saw an email I sent him along with a couple of pictures to which she wasn't very happy until I let her read some of his comments. My wife is Italian, 44 years old, 155lbs., 5'1", 34CC with big dark nipples, nice little bubble butt and nicely trimmed bush. He pretty much commented on every attribute with comments like: "OMG what a beautiful ass!", "Those tits should be in a museum (loved that one!), "I knew they were big but not that big"! "Damn what a delicious looking pussy and sexy bush"! "Love to see it spread on her desk","Hope you don't mind but every time I talk to her at work I'll be seeing right through her clothes"! etc. ,etc. My wife laughed reading the comments and could easily tell she was turned on by them. Recently after months of begging, I convinced her to forget (by mistake of course) to wear a bra to work and she did (usually one Fridays). Eventually (after MUCH more begging) the panties were omitted. Every day I was out of my mind imagining! After a few weeks I asked my friend (still sending pictures to him) if he was still seeing through her clothes as a joke. He "of course" and commented on various clothes she had been wearing and noticing her nipples a few times. One day out of the clear blue as a joke he sent me a picture of himself wearing a white bra over his eyes like a mask....yes it was hers. He eventually admitted noticing she hadn't been wearing a bra some days and once asked her to remove it so she went to the ladies room, came back and gave it to him. My cock was hard for a month after that and never said a word to her. He started commenting on getting peeks up a certain short white denim skirt she wore (usually on Fridays hmmm) while in the storeroom and her on a ladder, saying she played right along with it. Also "he keeps seeing a full moon in the middle of the day" & "God what delicious looking hanging lips". He told he flat out he has a hardon most of the day which was music to my ears. It's all a fun game and it never goes farther as far as I know anyways lol. Am I crazy or not?

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  • Share some sexy pics of your wife for my comments.

  • That is SOO hot! Love that she plays along, and no..I am absolutley in the same boat with my Italian wife..have also sent her photos to a horndog she works with that has been trying to bed her. He knows my preclivities bc her saw her open emails in which I suggested her find a extramaritial playmate.. Have also sent some..and she also found the a buddy that had the same reactions..He's coming to visit next month.

  • Oh yes she does have a nice ass!!

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