Shopping With MIL

I had offered to drive my fifty-six year old MIL to get her drivers license renewed. On our way back to her house she asked me to stop at a womens clothing store. It was the middle of the week, during the day, and almost no cars were in the parking lot. As we parked, she smiled and said, " Oh, good, Trina is here ! " I asked who Trina was. " She's a sweet little hommasexshul girl who works here. What do they call them ? Lisbons ? " she asked. I shook my head, saying, " No m'am, that's the capital of Portugal, they're called ' lesbians ', " I said, being really anal about such things. Knowing it would rankle me, she said, "Lisbonee-uns ". We went inside.
Indeed, little Trina, her black hair shorn close, no makeup, baggy jeans, sports shirt bearing the store's logo, and clunky black shoes sure looked the lesbian part, but, I tried not to stereotype. She smiled and raised her hand in greeting, saying, " Hey, Mrs. Mack, let me know if I can help you. We have some underwear on the bargain table, two for one. " " Mom " as I had been instructed to call her smiled and said, "Thankee" in her country drawl.
Mom, when she wasn't mispronouncing words, sometimes on purpose, just to piss me off, did another thing. She loved talking dirty, the dirtier the better, sounding more like a teenaged boy than a lady. She went straight to the bargain panties and bras, and began rifling through them. She threw a pair of fake silk bikinis at me saying, "Feel those. How would you like to rub your hard pecker against those ? " They did feel sexy. " You wear stuff like this ? " I asked her. " Shit no !" she laughed. " They would be crawling up my big ass all the damn time ! " She picked a pair of granny panties, nylon, in plain white, but, were see through in the rear. Then, she chose a bra, 42 DD, that was also see through. " You going to sex ol' Pop out, aren't you ? " I chided and she cut her watery blue eyes at me and growled, "That old coot don't care about me, long as he has those girlie magazines ! " She waved to Trina, " I'm going to try these on ! " Trina smiled and nodded. The rules for trying on panties was, you were supposed to try them on OVER your own. The rules for bras were more relaxed. I was instructed to hold her purse, and wait right outside the fitting room. I did as told. This was quite a few years ago, cameras weren't everywhere in those days. Trina kept stealing looks my way. Then I heard Mom say, " Come look at these. " I stepped into the cubicle, and there she was preening and posing. I tried not to ogle, but, failed. As she poked her massive chest out, I could plainly see her large red nipples, the blue veins, and stretch marks. She then, turned, and I could see every dimple in her ass, which wasn't all that big, and her ass crack. She had dispensed with the panty rule, she was bare under there. " What you think ? " she wondered, smiling coyly. "Ol' Pop will love them ! " I said, and she blanched again, "I ain't getting them for HIM ! " she spit and I was left to wonder, " Who then ? " She pushed me out, and called for Trina, who came running. I felt really out of place. Trina went in the cubicle, and I heard her say, " Yes, looks good, Mrs. Mack. I think you have the panties on backwards, though, and, your supposed to have on your panties under them..." I heard Mom chuckle, and then, she told me, " See if you like them this way, son, come in here !" and I went in and she had put on the panties backwards revealing her massive black bush. That sort of surprised me, I didn't know her red hair was from a bottle. I reddened and giggled like a teenaged boy. She looked at Trina who was checking her out, and quickly took off the bra and panties. The huge tits sagged but were still impressive. " Why don't you get lost, and tell anybody who comes in that Trina will be with them in a few minutes ? " she said, and waved me away. I went up to the register, but, could hear her moans and cries of passion, as they engaged in whatever they were doing. Thankfully, nobody came in. Trina emerged five minutes later, wiping her mouth. Then, Mom came out and had a little spring in her step, smiling broadly. She paid for the bra and panties, and slipped Trina two twenties, " For your services, " she cooed. Trina nodded and put the money into her jeans pocket.
When we got in the car, I asked her, " So, what did you and Trina get up to ? " At first she wouldn't tell me, but finally said, " She sucked my ol' titties and licked my pussy, and she sure does it better than the ol' coot ! " Then, she added, " I hope this will remain our little secret. " I shrugged and nodded and said, " No problem. " She smiled and told me, " I'm not a Lisbon, uhhh, lesbonin, I still love peckers ! " and laughed. I just drove, and entertained my own dirty thoughts.


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  • I went shopping with my MIL and afterward we stopped for a few drinks. I didn't drink as much because I was driving, but my MIL was doing shots. We left with her pretty wasted for the long drive home. She grabbed my hard cock through my pants, checking it's size, before unzipping my pants and pulling my hard cock out. I knew I couldn't drive with her sucking my cock so I pulled into a motel I saw. she looks a lot like an older version of my wife, but with bigger tits. She still looks mighty hot, and I fucked her for a good two hours before we left to continue our ride home. We still fuck when the opportunity arises.

  • I'd have told her if she wanted to keep it a secret, she would need to let you fuck her, and not just once either. Suck her tits and fuck her hairy pussy. Give her something the ol' coot can't do, fuck her for more than five minutes.

  • Dog that I am, I eventually went there. Ol' bitch knew I would, too ! She had requested that I bring videos of "prognapathy" on our next visit. When she and I were alone, through designs of her own, she popped in a video. She was both amazed and repulsed, but, open mouthed at the huge cocks and shaved or almost shorn pussies. " Is yore pecker big as them ? " I grinned and said " Fuck no, it ain't ! Might be bigger than Pop's, though ! " I stripped to nothing and my large side of normal erection stuck out. She smiled sweetly, and nodded with approval. " Hell yeah it's bigger than his ! Thicker too ! " She peeled off her culottes and granny panties, and laid back on her bed. I shook my head and told her, " Take off that shirt and bra, too, or I'll tear them off !" She did as requested, and got the first tit fucking of her life. I loved how those big mams folded over my hard cock. She loved the term "pearl necklace " but wasn't as excited by the messy reality. I had to fetch a warm, wet washcloth. I finally mounted her for a good long ride, doggy style, as I told her, "Your daughter loves it this way ! Says, ' It goes in deeper !' " As I slammed her, I tickled her anus. She would squeal and try to pull away, and I'd grab those hips holding her still, and tickle that asshole even more. She came loudly several times, and I pulled out and finished on her dimpled ass. " Damn, I want a cigarette and a drink ! " both of which she had quit years before. It was time to introduce her to pot, but, that's another story.

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