Is it okay to have this fantasy?

I had my first orgasm last night thinking about incest. I’ve never had any feelings for any family members but there’s something so hot about it being wrong. I don’t know if my brother or dad heard me touching myself, but I can’t help it. Just makes me wanna tease a father figure, have him corrupt me for the first time until I turn into his little slut :( or maybe get taken advantage of by an older woman and having to keep it a secret... just thinking about it makes me wet.

I tend to think about it when I’m horny, but I feel gross after I touch myself. Am I gross?


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  • You are not gross at all so cum as much as you like!! Incest is the hottest forbidden sex so enjoy and have fun as you wish!! Despite the negative comments!! I'd love to hear more, please!!

  • ❤️ incest

  • What’s with all the hate

  • It's just someone with too much time on their hands. Probably a teen or something

  • You are not gross. Whatever you imagine that makes you cum is alright.

  • 👍🏻👍🏻 exactly

  • That’s what I was thinking! Started cumming every day since my first orgasm, and it was all thanks to that~

  • You are definitely not gross and it is totally ok to have this fantasy. Alot of people enjoy fantasizing about"taboo" sex and incest is very popular. It's up to you if you want to keep it a fantasy or turn it into a reality. There is absolutely nothing wrong with family sex.

  • I’m not acting on it because I know it’s wrong. It’s just a fantasy, but I feel guilty after I cum :(

  • Hi, like I said before it's it's totally up to you whether you choose to keep it and a fantasy or a reality. It's certainly not wrong or gross, it's a feeling or desire you have and you shouldn't feel bad about it. There is nothing to feel guilty about and you should accept your feelings and enjoy your fantasies. Once again what you are feeling is definitely not wrong. What happens under your family's roof and in your bedrooms is your business. If you want to approach your dad or brother for sex then go ahead and do it.

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