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I have a 14 year old sister and i am 23 turning 24 in may and i want to fuck her so badly. what should i do?

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  • Go ahead and dive right in, just be nice and make sure she enjoys all of it, be careful that there it's no kind of discomfort, she'll love you all the more for it.

  • Get her drunk. Use a condom. Make sure she has at least one orgasm.

  • Fuck condoms. I would straight up fuck her in the ass!!!

  • Stupid thing to say. You clearly have never been in love

  • I used to fuck my 14 year old cousin all of the time. She is now 23, married, but we still fuck 2 or 3 times a month

  • Where can we talk more

  • Fuck her that's for sure. I had a cousin that was 13 with little mini tits and a great ass. I was 28 years old at the time. We kept flirting with each other then one day it just happened. I busted her cherry. Its twelve years later now and we still get together now and then and fuck our brains out. Those mini tits of hers are bigger now. Her husband paid to have them enlarged and I get to suck them LOL.

  • How come you two didn't become a couple?

  • Sounds great, the post under this one was me btw. Message me if you want to talk more, I am far from an expert but I can promise an open mind and advice that is best for you, not advice that would just make me cum.

  • I just fucked my sister the 14 year old. that was so fucking awesome. we are so close now. i was given oral sex before but my sis gobbled on my dick. she said she never had done it before. but she is a fucking proo. her pussy was so pink i ate her out for at least a good 45minutes. she said after we were done and i came in side her pussy. she said when i have my next period will you eat me out. i said i don't know maybe. i will ask you fightingtheurge should i eat out my 14 year old sister's pussy while she is on her period.

  • Lol, yes if you are really kinky.

  • Damn, that is hot. I know it is wrong but her age makes it all way better. Be very careful with it though, lot of jail time if you are caught. Trying talking to her, get close and become her best friend.

  • My sister was very developed at 15, and quite the tease. We were on the couch getting high, when she suddenly straddled me, and started kissing me. I could feel her big tits on my chest as she began to grind on the bulge in my shorts. We both got so horny we ended up fucking three times. The best pussy I've ever had!

  • Sounds like a great sister

  • I was 15 years old and ny sister was 5 years old and i fucked her when our parents were shopping for Christmas gifts. i forced her naked forced her legs open forcefully stuck my 7 and a half inch dick deep in her pussy. she cried and begged me to stop. i fucked her pussy until i came in her pussy. i than forced her on to her stomach andd fucked her asshole until i came in that to. i forced my dick in her mouth and i came in her mouth and forced her to swallow my cum. i took pictures of her naked and a video of me raping my 5 year old sister when i was 15 years old. i still look at the pictures and video and still get hard from it.

  • That sounds like nothing more than a deranged fantasy...and not even a well thought out one at that, if you're gonna lie, at least make it sound believable!!!

  • What aload of crap

  • No seriously i raped my 5 year old sister.

  • No you didn't

  • Yes i did

  • I went to a group home in newburgh new York called occupations ink. the judge sent me home in January 2011 because they didn't have evidence of the assault because i made her shower. she did go have to different rape tests kits done one was more suffocated than the other.

  • Super hot I wanna talk more

  • I will tell you about it if you want

  • I had her pussy once before

  • Do U got

    S n a p


    K I k

  • Tell your sister the two of you are going to play doctor. She'll need to take off all her clothes, wearing only a gown. Then you can examine her thoroughly spending extra time on her tits, slit, and clit.

  • You should before she gets older. At that age she'll love you forever if you treat her right. Meaning fuck her good.

  • I think go for it or you will regret not trying.

  • Hurry and do it quick before you turn 24.

  • If you want i will tell you the details

  • I did fuck her once before but it was a long time ago

  • Why before i turn 24

  • You should find a plug and stick a fork in it. That could help you.

  • You're a dick.

  • Did you used to want to fuck crystal?

  • I still do. i raped my sis when she was 5 years old and now i want more of her pussy

  • Want me to see if she wants you?

  • Yes. for 7 years i raped her over and over. the first it was when she was 5 years old. now she is 14. i stopped raping her when she turned 12. i ever got eleven of my friends to help me gang rape her when she was 5 years old. we each took turns cumming in her 5 year old pussy we even took large objects and stucked the up her asshole until it bleed. the twelve of us raped her at least 300 to 400 times in a four day time period.

  • And she didn't need to go to the hospital??

  • Is that cool and by the way i was 15 when i did that to her. my friends all were 17 years old at the time

  • I personally don't have a problem with family members having sex with each other but i would advise you to wait until she is of legal age. What is the legal age of consent where you live?

  • He lives in his congenitally diseased brain, so, it's whatever age he imagines.

  • There are many brothers who feel this way towards their sisters. It is totally natural.

  • Very true!!

  • Thank you i fucked her and popped her cherry. i had the best orgasm ever

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