Wife carer for old men

I want my wife who is a busty slim 55 year old to get a job as a carer for old men.
I want her to be groped and touched by the old guys who she cares for.
Like her to suck their chicks and have them fuck her then she can come home tell me every detail as I fuck her.
Anyone got a similar desire.

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  • Hope those old guys like touching me up as I care for them I will happily suck cock and let them do things to my sissy body xx

  • Really turned on for some old guys fucking my mouth

  • I'm Male crossdresser and want to care for old men happy to suck their cocks and stroke their cocks till they cum for me while I dress to excite them.

  • Yes, yes , yes my wife is a carer and I want this to happen and her to tell me

  • Hey it works both ways you know. I work in a nursing home that have several younger men that had been in a industrial accident to care for. They were bed ridden for the most part neither could walk or use there arms. Living vegetables. The one thing that did work was their dicks. We would flash a little tit at them and they would get hard. This one guy was really hung. I don't know how many blow jobs we gave him. I would think at least two or three a week and that was just on our shift. One of the girls that used to work here stops by now and then just to suck his cock. I just wonder what he is thinking. Does he like it? Or does he think we are taking advantage of him. From the look on his face I think he enjoys it.

  • All guys love a willing mouth around their cocks bet he came heavy in your lovely mouth x

  • I worked as a caregiver supporting myself in college and it was non stop groping from the men. I would just push their hands away and constantly tell them to keep their hands to themselves but it never stopped. I bought pads for my bra and most of the time I did not even feel them touching me so it helped a lot but the ass grabbers still got their hands around there some how.

  • Sounds an ideal place for the wife to work allow the old guys to fondle her big boobs and pert little ass.
    She will be such a tease

  • " Aqualung my friend, don't you start away uneasy / This healthcare bitch is sleazy, and her husband's daft / What a laugh ! " with apologies to Jethro Tull

  • I'm looking into becoming a carer hope thise old girls like some younger cock too

  • I've been a carer for 12 years, and my husband knows I shag the old boys.

  • That's so hot I want to know my wifes shagging the old boys too

  • My husband gets so excited when I arrive back home. He'll ask if he can see my pussy and then he'll either lick the cum out of me or he'll fuck me.

  • Bet you give the old boys such a good fucking

  • My wife took a job as a care worker , She came home one day a little bit flustered and told me this old boy had made a pass at her . Up until then I had never had thoughts about my wife misbehaving but now things have changed I wanted her too , I encourage it I told her this she wasn't having any of it but now it's part of are life and she enjoys it . We have had some really good times and degrading ones .

  • I'd love my wife to really get into helping the old guys get laid and explore my wifes busty body

  • My wife works as a home health therapist, visits patients at their homes. She's 26 and pretty. She says a small portion of her patients hit on her or make sexual comments. There are a lot of pervy old guys out there who haven't been laid in years. She's a horny girl, so I sometimes wonder if anything goes on. She wouldn't tell me even if it did.

  • Nice I bet she has some stories to tell I'd love my wife to let the old guys fondled her it really turns me on the idea

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