Hi.Im a 28 year old married mum of 2.Ever since I joined the gym I've started having wild sex fantasies about some of the guys there.One of the guys is a personal trainer who works there,he's a hot looking cute black guy.I have masturbated and thought of him fucking me on many occasions.I've fantasized about actual scenarios where I cheat on my husband and sleep with this guy.Even thinking of ways it could happen and how I would get away with it and live with it.I love my husband but he doesn't satisfy at all.I would never leave him for anyone else,if I could sleep with this guy it would be just sex and nothing else and I've seen how he looks at me,he would definitely have me.I cant stop myself thinking about having sex with him,I know these thoughts of cheating are bad but how do I stop them?I've started masturbating to interracial porn right after the gym to see if it'll help me but it just makes me horny again soon afterwards.I think its also the thrill of being with a black man and taking his huge cock in me.It just gets me hot and wet.Help!!!!


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  • Don't listen to the trolls - they exist everywhere.
    This is very hot. Have you ever told your husband about your fantasies? It may turn him on more than you realize.
    Maybe go buy a huge black dildo to practice. Then when you have learned to take it, I would definitely fuck the guy. Life is too short to pass that up!

  • I try not to listen to them.No I've never told my husband and I really don't know what he'd make of it or how he would react.He sometimes says he wishes he had a bigger dick.
    I do have a vibrator (not very big) that I use and sometimes my hubby uses it on me.Maybe I should get a huge one and see if he likes using it on me.I don't think I'd need practice to take a guy though,if his size was an issue that would be part of the thrill.
    Life is too short.Thank you for understanding.

  • Go for it

  • I would like to very much.

  • Obviously your a racist slut seeking a novelty affair with a lesser human. Turned on by having sex with someone satyr species.

  • You're the one who's racist.

  • If you have desires to fuck a colored man, you need to seek psychiatric help immediately. You obviously have some deep rooted issues which have lowered your self esteem to the point that you are considering having sex with a colored, you need serious help. If the only problem is that your husband doesn't satisfy you sexually, then you need to tell him and give him the opportunity to correct the situation, or else just divorce him, give up your kids, and start your new life as a whore.

  • OP:very offensive indeed.Black people or colored as you call them are humans,we're all humans,why would I have issues wanting to sleep with another human.And as I said I love my husband,I don't intend to leave him just because he can't satisfy me but not totally against seeking satisfaction elsewhere. You're the one who has issues.Hopefully you keep them to yourself.

  • Offensive.

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