Naughty boy

I want a strong woman to pull my pants down and bend me over her knee and spank me on the bare ass and then walk me over to the corner and make me stand there on display for others to see.

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  • Done it before and recommend it

  • Went to a party once and there was a guy in the corner, blindfolded, facing the room, hands tied behind his back, pants down, dick fully exposed. You’d think more people would fuck with him, but for the most part he was just ignored. I felt bad and gave him a tug, but not enough to get him off, just enough to get him hard.

  • I like the idea of being punished this way. Standing in the corner with a freshly spanked bare ass to the room is also fun.

  • Was he being punished for something?

  • STFU and man up for gawds sakes.

  • No u

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