Mary Lu My wife

After we married with Me still in the Marine Corp and her just graduated from high school we had two weeks before i was to Go back to Afghanistan for another thirteen months.
Mary had been on birth control for over a year and we decided not to have children until I returned but we had two weeks to really fuck and we tried everything even anal which was a little hard on her because my cock is bigger than most but it was something she wanted to try.
Well stuck in the mountains of Afghanistan in an outpost there was much to do except watch your ass but we were well back and except for a couple times we received fire from the hills around us where we just fired back over the ramparts blindly .
I was able to talk to Mary several times a week and she is such a sex kitten that I was sure other guys were hitting on her with me gone and she admitted that several guys had asked her out but she had refused but I guess I still suspected that she was being unfaithful to me and I pictured her cute little body in the arms of nameless and faceless guys fucking. When we talked I would tell her this and she always denied it then I would tell her what I was going to do to her when I came home and she and I would talk dirty and masturbate separated by thousands of miles.
I began to masturbate also when I was thinking of her being unfaithful to and I began to look forward to my time in a look out post so I could do this and finally I began trying to talk her into getting laid so she could tell me about it and once we discussed her sucking a guy off and filming it then sending it to me but she did not agree at the time then one day I received a voice mail with attachments that was a short video of her with some nameless guy her face and his cock was the only thing I could see but his shaft was all slimy so i knew that she had been sucking him for awhile she smiled at me and said just watch baby as she opened her mouth looking into the camera and licked the end of his cock like i like for her to do to me then she licked his shaft and sucked his balls and I heard his voice say I,m going to cum and she quickly sucked his cock back into her mouth looking into the camera she almost gagged when he went off and some of his cum leaked out of the corners of her mouth as her head was forced down on his cock I could see his fingers in her hair as he grunted in release finally he released her and she swallowed several times then smiled weakly at me and opened her mouth and her tongue was limy with his sperm she said I love you babe and that was it.
I tried several times after that to get her to fuck a guy and do that but she always said lets wait until you get back and I will let that friend of yours do it to me.
Mike and I had joined the Marines together on the buddy system and were stationed together where ever we went and he was well aware of my desires to watch her fuck so when i told him about want she said he was more than willing to do it.
We were discharged together and he lived in Vacaville about 30 miles from my home town .
I warned Mary Lu that he had agreed so she reluctantly accepted the fact that she was going to have him fuck her but we waned a couple weeks together first to get to know each other again then finally she agreed to let me call him and invite him over for dinner and her for desert.
Mike showed up grinning from ear to ear and he had been my best buddy for over 4 years now so although she had never met him before was a little surprised to see he was mixed race black and Italian but he was also very polite to her when he took her hand in his telling her how pretty she was soon we were all laughing and talking he and I were drinking beer and Mary Lu was drinking wine .
I could tell she was getting tipsy and she was laughing a lot as we sat in the living room I suggested that they sat together on the couch and Mary Lu was a bundle of nerves now knowing that he was going to fuck her but she gamely let him take her in his arms and kiss her glancing at me from time to time watching me closely .
Mike had her blouse open and was mauling her breasts now as they kissed and Mary Lu sat there trying not to respond when i got up saying you to have fun and I will clear the table but she jumped up and said I will do that just talk to Mike awhile so she cleared the table then took the dishes into the kitchen her blouse still open and her bra on the couch.
We talked softly and I said go in there and fuck her and he jumped up and hurried into the kitchen and I heard Mary squeal in surprise then she laughed.
I waited for only a couple seconds then I came in and Mary was bent over the sink with her hands on the sink and Mike had her skirt up around her back and her panty's were on the floor still wrapped around one of her feet as he scooted her feet farther apart with his feet he had one of her breast in his hand and his cock in the other which is thicker but shorter than my 9 inches Mary stepped up onto his feet to get her pussy high enough to get him in her then she gasped as his cock head penetrated her .
Mike moaned as her pussy accepted his cock and he had a look of wonder as I watched his face mirrored in the kitchen window against the black outside his movements were making Marys breast swing in circles and she was watching me over her shoulder as his cock probed her deaths faster and faster he fucked her with a slap slap slapping sound as their flesh met on each stroke Mike was going at it as though he thought I was going to make him stop both hands now gripping her hips pulling her back onto his cock in mindless strokes .
All to soon Mike lost it grunting as he came his last stroked were very slow his face glowing in satisfaction until he just stood there with a goofy look on his face .
His cock lost its rigid state and slipped out of her with a string of his cum still hooking him to her then Mary said I haven't cum yet you finish the dishes i an going to get mine as she led Mike to our bedroom.
H I hurriedly finished the dishes and went ito the bedroom as Mary had sucked life back into his cock and was lowering her body down on his shaft. she smiled at me and said his cock feels bigger around than yours as her finger began rubbing her clit.

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