My dad caught me jerking off

My parents went to a concert that was supposed to last 3 hours. I have a phone but my dad has a nice monitor that's like 22 inches in his office so I decided to masturbate in his office. I was having fun until the door opened behind me and my dad caught me masturbating to foot porn. The concert was only for 2 hours. Im having a hard time accepting that I have a fetish, even one that a lot of people have, and now my dad knows. Fuck being a teenager.

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  • My dad caught me wacking off to gay porn once. He yelled and screamed and called me a sick faggot, then he bent me over and fucked me up the ass, and filled my butt full of cum. He told me if he ever caught me watching gay porn again, he would make me suck his cock and fuck him up the ass. Not sure, but I think my dad might be gay.

  • Dude I think your dad roasted you on this exact site like a week ago. He said he thought it was weird but was glad your not like a pedo.

  • Your dad posts here too. Talk to him.

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