I don't mind getting groped, but I have rules, do you agree?

I am a 25 yo female, petite, and most would say pretty. I was first groped when I was like 13 and I hated it, I eventually got used to it, started ignoring it, and now I really don't mind it.
Public transport is the worst, I can't take a busy train or bus without getting my bottom felt, but it happens every where all the time.
I have some rules, I guess, as to what's ok and what is not.
1. Don't be blatant, if your hand brushes whatever body part you were interested in, ok accidents happen, but please don't squeeze
2. There is no time limit, if you can feel my bottom the whole journey without being too obvious, you carry on
3. It's ok to touch skin, even my bottom if I happen to have a short summer dress on, but see rule 1
4. You only get one warning. If you go to far I will politely indicate that to you, you can carry on, just dial it down (see rule 1) I will make a scene if you keep doing it
5. Never ever follow me, just because I didn't scream it does not mean I want to have sex with you or even talk to you.
6. The only exception to rule 1 is if you don't look threatening, I am in a sensual mood and you caress my skin (still don't push it)

I would like to hear what you think, and how other women / girls feel about it?

(Btw I support any women who struggle with it and find it repugnant, this is my personal opinion formed out of much experience)

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  • I ride the bus to work, since parking a car in town is so expensive, and the bus is always packed by the time it comes to my stop to pick me up. Of course, when you are standing room only and crammed in like sardines, body parts brush. I'm female mid 30's and have never been groped, but I've felt a lot of hard cock against my ass, especially if I'm wearing a sun dress or something thin during the summer. As long as the guy doesn't get pervy, I think it's fine. It's a bit of a turn-on really.

  • Thanks for sharing, you seem to have the same view as me that as long as it does not go to far, it's ok and can even be positive for us too

  • No, I don't agree. I'd never get passed rule 1. I always like to give a good squeeze, and if I have the chance, a breast grope is a bonus!

  • It's up to the girl. These are my rules for me and rule one can be broken, but I would give you a sign to let you know. It's rule six lol

  • Im a guy. Once on the DC subway a nice looking Hispanic woman got on the train and it was crowded. She stood facing me to the side and had a suitcase on wheels with extended handle. She pressed her hand right on my cock as she was holding the handle. Pressed her hand hard in my cock for four stops till I hit my stop. She knew what she was doing but acted like nothing was happening. I got a big boner of course.

  • Lucky you

  • I was riding the NYC Subway and it was packed and I was standing by the door and at the last second in squeezed and skinny Asian girl right in front of me. Her back was tu me and she was pressed up against the wall in front of her. You couldn't slip a piece of paper between my crotch and her butt. I knew in this day and age I could I could be accused of sexual assualt even though she was the one who forced her way in front of me. Everytime the subway moved we would rock back and forth and I could clearly feel the crack of her ass rubbing across my crotch. I closely watched her face for any type of reaction but she never turned her head or seemed upset. Like I said the subway was so packed she really understood that. It was summer and she was wearing a very thin dress with a thong or nothing at all I really couldn't tell. As the ride went on I found myself starting to push up against her butt and pushing my crotch deeper and harder into the crack of her ass which felt absolutely incredible to me. Now I was rocking back and forth much more than need be to work my crotch deeper and deeper into her butt cheeks. I really felt like I was touching her butt hole and maybe her vagina. I almost came in my pants doing this and this pretty young Asian girl never turned around or said anything about it to me or anyone else. I really should have tried to slip my hand under her dress and my fingers into her vagina

  • I’ve seen and done some crazy shit on the subway, especially when everyone is drunk.

  • I think like me she probably just accepts it. If she didn't she would worry about getting on busy trains. I'm not defending it as ok, just that in the end it's just two body parts touching usually with clothes between. On a train like that you probably end up touching so many people why worry if hand and a bum rather than arm on shoulder, we just have to get on with life. I hope she was as happy as you were

  • Regarding rule 6 : The serial killer Ted Bundy ( "Gentleman Ted" ) was considered a nice-looking, non-threatening guy. Careful you don't wind up in a shallow grave with your ridiculous set of passive-aggressive rules.

  • If they can reach it they can have it. Don’t untuck my shirt, but if it’s already untucked, reach in and grab my tits. Or reach up my skirt and slip in a finger, or two, or dick.

  • Recommend you print up these on a business card. Distribute as needed.

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