My young wife

Mary Lu is my best friends younger sister and I am 5 years older than she is. We grew up all three of us best of friends going places together and in jr high I kind of thought she was a pest a scrawny little girl but she was able to keep up with us and she was fun.
I was a senior when she started to fill out and I couldn't believe my eyes she was turning into a knock out firm breasts and a very nice bubble but that made me want to bite her.
Kelly used to kid me about how his sister had the hots for me but I was interested in girls my own age and I was having some luck to.
One day her and I were in the park waiting for Kelly and we were talking she had just turned 14 and she turned to me and said how come you never ask me out Ron I can do anything those other girls can do ? I laughed and said you to young honey but you do look good.
She pouted and said gimme a break Ron you must know how I feel about you and I stopped and looked at her I mean I really looked at her and she could pass for at least 16 or 17 she said want me to give you some head I will show you . I asked and where did you learn how to give head Mary and she glared at me and said I practice on bananas and I can suck them clear down my throat.
You and Ron are always talking about the girls you get to suck you off so I have been practicing.
Damn she seamed to be serious and it was tempting but i had just turned 18 and she was jail bait she said you can fuck me if you want to I have been wanting to find out what it feels like but I want you to be the guy that helps me.
I said let me think about this for awhile Mary and she said ok but I am going to find out even if you don't do it someone else will.
Later when I told Kelly he laughed saying I told you so but if you fuck her use a rubber Christ she is only 14 OK.
For another day I thought about it and I had a constant hard on she was better looking than any of the girls I had lucked out with so far.
I couldn't ask her out on a date but she agreed to meet me after school and we would go out to lake Herman and do it I had bought a fresh pack of condoms because the ones I had i n my wallet were worn a little and getting her pregnant was not my plan.
I parked in front of the school waiting for her to come out looking around nervously thinking that everyone knew what I was going to do and when School let out Mary Lu was one of the first to run out of the door and she ran up to the car and jumped in her eyes flashing in anticipation an eager smile on her lips and she scooted up against me in the front seat of my 1956 Chevy Pick up that my Dad had restored she laid her hand on my thigh and I could feel the heat on my hard cock as she whispered lets go and as soon as we started moving she started fumbling with my pants wanting to bare my cock
I had to stop at a light and I managed to raise up enough for her to work my pants and shorts over my ass and she captured it in her hand.
She was looking at it all bent over my cock and she said excitedly my god its so big as she stroked it with her hand and I could feel her hot breath on my cock and balls. She asked can I suck it now and I said try if you want but I think the steering wheel is in the way and I felt her lips around my cock head sucking greedily but the steering wheel was in the way she could only get my cock head in her mouth and she grunted in frustration trying to suck more of it into her mouth.
I managed to reach the seat adjuster and the seat slid back and Mary was able to drop all the way down to my crotch but the steering wheel was still rubbing against her head when I had to turn it but I was so excited that I couldn't last long and when she stopped and asked can you cum like this I grunted ugh huh and she smiled up at me and said I am going to swallow and went back down on me and I started cumming and we were lucky that I didn't wreck the car with her sucking the cum out of my balls like a starving child .
I had managed to pull off the road and no cars were coming by so I sat there trying to relax as she drained my balls . Afterwards she sat up with a beaming smile and said see I can do what those other girls do and I even swallowed when they spit it out want to fuck me to?
then she got a funny look on her face and said I think I am going to throw up and jumped out and began upchucking my sperm as I patted her shoulder telling her next time would be better.
We drove down to Lake Herman and the gate was empty being a work day so I pulled back under the trees and I had really gotten off and had to recover so we walked down to the lake and around a bit before I started getting hard again god that Little girl looked so sexy.
We hurried back to the pickup and scooted the seat all the way back the she was in my arms and we were kissing clawing at each other until I had both of her breasts out and she had my pants open again fumbling in my shorts for my cock .
I had her blouse open and her bra pushed up around her neck and I was chewing on her nipples as she responded to me wildly if a little clumsily but I was to far gone to notice and Mary wanted to put the condom on me as I sat back watching as she mouthed my cock again getting it moist then I coaxed her on how to give the top a little slack for my cum then roll it back down my shaft.
She was so eager that I fingered her to moisten her up but she was already wet but her pussy felt tight even on my finger.
I got above her and she spread he legs wide as I moved into position but my cock wouldn't fit so I fingered her some more and she climaxed on my finger grunting like a pig then I was pushing again and I felt her opening up as my cock head forced her pussy open she was crying saying it hurts so I thought I should stop but when she realized what I was going to do she arched her back off the seat and my cock head slipped into her and her body went rigid as the pain took hold so I held myself above her until she opened her eyes looking up at me and bared her teeth saying fuck me . and I started fucking her slowly looking into her eyes as the pain subsided andshe began to respog to me grabbing my ass cheeks and pulling me deeper into her and again I knew that she was just to tight but she came again before I did and once again her tight pussy milked my cock draining my balls again.
We laid there for a long time with out body's held together with my cock and when I started to pull out she laughed and said just stay right there Ron I want to cum again then she began to bubbly talk about how fantastic it was when she came with my cock in her and how the next time she would swallow my cum.
Well we actually didn't start dating until she was a Sophomore but we still got together for sex every time we could and I think Her Mom knew what we were doing because she once looked me in the eye and said safe sex young man safe sex.
There is actually more to this but I have to go now I will add to it if you like just ask.


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  • I’d like to hear more please

  • Yes actually after we married she has done that many times.

  • Have you ever watched her suck another cock?

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