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I have tons of fetishes, one of which is potetial exposure. I have lost bets which ended with my pictures being posted online, some of which are still there. Just google for 'sissy tiana rachelle exposed'. Anywho... One of the littles games I play sometimes is I'll write down a bunch of kinky things in an email, then while my fiance (who is very very vanilla) is asleep I'll send it to her, expecting to go delete it before she wakes up. I've done this multiple times, but this time she caught me. Needless to say she was a little upset, but we had a long talk and it turns out I now have permission to seek to fulfill my sexual fantasies she won't or can't try with someone else. She's also been writing up lists of tasks for me to complete. I figured since she accepted my deeper fantasies, I should push myself further and post them here to.
The following is most of my email.

So I'm sending this assuming you'll never see it like the others I sent you never found. Sorry if you do see it and don't like it... It's all the truth and I need to get it out somehow... Sorry I'm such a weirdo...

I have these intense desires to do bad, humiliating things. I know I shouldn't but I can't seem to get them out of my mind! I've always dreamed that for a present sometime you'd do me up like a total sissy whore before making me suck a guy off and getting fucked. Of course if you wanted some of him too how could I object? Perhaps you'd lock up all my underwear, replacing them with sexy panties, and making me earn my boxers back. Maybe you'd give them all to him so he can make me earn them back.

I've also always wanted to get super messy with someone else. I wouldn't even need to be sexual with them, althought it would be more fun I'm sure. I've just always dreamed of being super slimey and rubbing all over some other slimey person while totally trashing each other. Also being surprised signed up for some type of messy charity event sounds fun.

Of course exposure is a huge turn on for me as well, so if you ever happen to make me to some terrible things you should definitely make me upload them, or even better if you do and send me the link so I can't take them down! Perhaps you could use them for blackmailing me to do even worse things! You could also have a bunch of humiliating things for me to have to do to myself on webcam.

Here's a little list of things that I was going to put into a fishbowl and have to draw one and complete it before I could cum. I thought it may make me jack off less and enjoy it more...

1.Pie yourself NOW.
2.Do the ‘Overnight Dice Dare’
3.You must be covered in mud before you may orgasm.
4.You must chaturbate 30+ min before you may cum, on camera.
5.Must get messy on chaturbate 15+ min before you may cum, on camera.
6.Must wear panties for the next week.
7.Must wear panties for the next 3 days.
8.Must wear bra and panties until next task is completed. Draw now.
9. Spend the next 12 hours fully crossdressed.
10.Go to a sex shop fully crossdressed.
11.Go wherever she tells you to crossdressed.
12.Come home from work crossdressed.
13.No porn or orgasm for 2 days. Save cum for Babygirl.
14.No porn or orgasm for 3 days. Save cum for Babygirl.
15.No porn or orgasm until Babygirl says.
16.Remain crossdressed until you have fucked and sucked a cock.
17.Shave everything but eyebrows!
18.Do a sharpie dare NOW.
19.Fuck your ass with a dildo for at least 20 minutes.
20.Sit on a dildo while you watch an entire movie.
21.Go jump in the lake.
22.Flip a coin. Heads you suck for 20 minutes. Tails you get fucked for 20 minutes. Post pictures.
23.Do a blackmail roulette.
24.Get blindfolded and handcuffed. You are now her bitch.
25.Lucky you! Free pass!
26.Let her sharpie a tramp stamp on you.
27.She picks your next body mod.
28.Get tarred and feathered.
29.Shaving cream pie fight.
30.You’re her bitch for the next 12 hours. No limits.
31.Shave half of your head.
32.Make a dating profile as Tiana.
33.Make a cocksucking video as Tiana.
34.Go buy a slushie and dump it down your pants.
35.Ask strangers online for punishments. Do all that come in first 24 hours.
36.Give yourself a golden shower.
37.Wear a women’s swimsuit while you jump in the lake.

Hard Limits: Family, Dares I can't afford, Heavy pain, Feces, Vomit, Items that stain skin (sharpie ok), baby/diaper, Urethral insertion

Soft Limits - Face pics, Public, Cam, Headshave [bet/challenge], Permanent [I have tattoos and piercings already]

Dislike (Punishment): Long dares, Pain at all, Tickling, Ice/being cold, Forced to sit in smelly savoury mess

Like: (very) Messy, Private humiliation, Facesitting, Silly dares, Crossdressing, Roleplay WAM, Forced shaving, Verbal humiliation, Femdom, Forced temporary exposure, Forced anal, body mods

I also have a dominant side I'd love to expose, however you are not submissive at all, and I'd probably feel pretty bad if you let me tie you up, tickle and sharpie you, then spanking you until you beg me to cut your hair. I can't help it. I find partially or totally bald women very attractive, and would love to punish you with a bowl cut! Maybe shave half smooth and dye the other side green and blue! However, I realize this would damage our relationship plus probably your confidence, so I have no intention of doing so whatsoever. Don't worry.

I love you bunches, but I needed to get this out. Sorry...

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