Babysitter and the husband

I baby sat for this family many times before and their three kids are well behaved and this time was no different except when the hubby drove me home.
Along the way he placed his hand upon my thigh and began to lightly slid it up and down caressing me and he started in going higher and higher and soon was running his fingers along tracing my pussy lips and I was becoming wet as hell and without knowing I spread my legs further apart he pulled off the road and slipped my shorts from me and pulled my sweater over my head leaving only my flip flops on and he began to play with my nipoples making them hard as rocks he took one in his mouth began to suck upon it pulling my aurora into his mouth and both became swollen and my breasts ached for attention and he began to give it to me. His hands were everywhere and it wasnt long till he got between my legs tilted the seat back and layed upon me slipping his cock into me and started in fucking me wildly, like an animal, faster and faster he fucked me and I was getting hotter by the moment and I felt him tighten and I could feel his cum coming down his cock and it shot into me as he held his cock deep in me pulling my hips tighter against his cock squirt after squirt he gave me his cum and he layed there exhausted and I layed there squeezing his cock still in me but rapidly shrinking and then he pulled out of me and his cum flowed onto the seat and I reached down took hold of his cock and began to rub the head of it against my pussy and he leaned back and said you want more do you but he didn't have more to give me and I felt disappointed. He got up and we got dressed and he took his polishing rag and cleaned up the seat and he took me home and said tomorrow at 4 be there, I knew what he meant and I'm looking forward to being there.

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  • When growing up I use to baby sit a lot for different families and only one really comes to mind for their three young men in the house had more on their minds than just being the only girl in their presents.
    They would constantly want to wrestle with me kiss me even suck on my nipples for hours and their hands roamed. Nothing I could do to get them to leave me alone they were constantly groping me and being three of them I just about always got to the point of just letting them have their way with me but never did get to actual sexual in nature but everything leading up to it.
    Then they discovered porn on the oldest PC and they wanted to do what they saw to me until their dad walked in on all four of us naked and wrapped up in legs and arms and he just starred at all of up but me mostly, 15 years old and a blossoming young woman who was horney as all get out at the moment and when he took out his hard cock I couldn't believe it he litterly got in the moungst of us and proceeded to give his boys a sex education lesson me being the recipient. In no time he had me cumming on him over and over and he raised me up shoved all of himse3lf deep in me and filled me with his cum but did he stop oh no he kept right on fucking me for nearly half a hour shoving himself deeper and deeper into me giving me all he has and it6 felt so damn good I never wanted him to stop, but he did and taking me home he hade to stop twice and fuck me all over again and I stopped baby sitting for them for it was just to much having his cock in me in front of his wife.

  • Sick girls all of you. Get a boyfriend and quit ruining peoples lives. You don't care, but a lot of kids have to live in the mess you help start.

  • Omg thats so romantic i hope you take him away from her!

  • I don't know how you do that. Older men? With wives and kids? Ewwwww!!!

  • So?

  • i made out twice with the husband in the kitchen while the wife was upstairs but we never have hooked up. i want to sooooooooooo baaaaaaaaad and i know hes scared but we just didnt do it yet but i reeeeeeeeeally hope we do and that it happens reeeeeeeeeeally soon. he makes me super horny.

  • Get a boyfriend. If you weren't young he wouldn't look twice.

  • I really hope it happens for you!

  • love it. i been dating my man for over 2 months now and his stupid fucking wife got no idea that i am taking her husband from her. i love him and he loves me and it is so wonderful

  • You should not call anyone else stupid when you don't even capitalize the word "I" or the beginning of sentences.

  • Leave her alone! She sounds very exciting ! She deserves to fuck that martied man!

  • God you are so lucky! i wish it was me! i had the hugest crush on the husband in this couple i sat for this spring and i really hoped he would try to hook up but he never would. i tried dressing sexy when i went there but i had to be careful because i couldnt let the wife in the couple know what i was doing. but it never worked so i didnt get on him. i know i could get on the husband in this one couple i sit for now but i dont really want him! you are so lucky! JEALOUS!!!!

  • Hey, I need a babysitter. Could you drop by, say about 7:00?

  • My wife and i just hired a young woman to babysit, shes cute as fuck 18 or 19, petite. my wife has really been depriving me of any affection, sexual or otherwise so i am really tempted but it's very risky and i have no clue how to go about it .

  • Sick shit. Role play with your wife and stay committed. These little girls are selfish and one day they will get cheated on and see how it feels. Won't be so great when the parents find out.

  • Just try to spend as much time as possible with her. Every time she sits for you and your wife, be sure you're the one who picks her up and who drives her home. Tell her you'd love to give her rides whenever she needs them. Tell her how much you love her outfits, or her perfume, or her shoes. Use the word "love" around her every chance you get, especially if it's about something to do with her (clothes, shoes, etc.). Always ask about school or other activities you know she's involved in. Let her talk about herself, make her comfortable talking to you. If she's interested, she'll eventually let that be known to you. Don't give up!!!

  • Our babysitter is beautiful and I could tell right away my husband was attracted to her. She reminded me of a girl I had a lesbian experience with when I was younger and I started fantasizing about having sex with her. I became obsessed with it and eventually had the nerve to discuss it with my husband. He was all for it and we started planning how we could approach her. We decided that leaving a threesome DVD in our player might be a good way to break the ice and get her in the mood.

    So one night we had her over to babysit and told her we would be back pretty late. We left the DVD in the player as planned but came back home much earlier than she thought we would. We parked on the street to avoid making noise and just suddenly came through the front door. The room was dark and as expected the movie was playing and we caught her with her pants down on the couch. We both acted completely shocked and she was very embarassed about the situation and started crying.

    I went over and gave her a hug and told her that it was ok. It was perfectly natural and that it was our fault for leaving that DVD around, which was still playing a scene of the guy in bed with two women. She stopped crying and relaxed and I started kissing her. She must have been close to coming when we interrupted because she was instantly very aroused and when I sent my hand down there I found her crotch and vagina completely soaked. After that I nodded to my husband and the three of us headed into our bedroom and we had threesome sex all night long.

  • I used to drive my little sister to her babysitting jobs and pick her up. One night she looked like she was going to cry and she didn't say anything except that she didn't want to go home right away. So I drove out to the lake, pulled out a bottle of Jack I keep in the glovebox and we took sips. It loosened her up enough that she told me the husband of the family she was baby sitting for took her aside into the kitchen while his wife was in the bathroom and he forced a kiss on her and felt her boobs. Then he put her hand under her skirt and was rubbing her. I asked her why she didn't scream and she said she didn't want to get in trouble or wake the kids. She said when the husband heard the toilet flush he handed her $60 really quick and as she was walking out to my car he said that he would see her next week at the same time, but this time when he said it it sounded creepy.
    I went back to the house at 3am, painted PEDO in bright green letters on his Lexus, slashed the tires and wrote A PEDO LIVES HERE on their front walkway. My sister never did get called back to babysit and we saw the house up for sale a few weeks later.

  • Buddy of mine hired a teen girl to watch his son. He fucked her several times, then told his wife. he wanted her gone and the baby sitting in. His wife said she would not leave. So he fucked the baby sitter in the bed while the wife watched and cried.
    Wife stuck around and got revenge. She went to the store and sucked and fucked every guy who wanted some. She came back and kissed him, said hows the cum taste ,,I just sucked a bunch of dicks.
    They divorced that year.

  • "how's the cum taste, i just sucked a bunch of dicks" that had me cracking up! hahahaha!

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