Wife jealous of daughter

My wife caught me looking at my daughter she was about 14 just got home from school skirt hiked up huge tits in her white blouse i loved to look i got busted by my wife who wasn't very happy but to my surprise was turned on by me looking and next sex we had dressed up in our daughters school uniform luckily she is still slim with 38d tits so fitted well.
She insisted on calling me daddy as I fucked her hard I came so hard and heavy in my wife she was orgasming so much daughters blouse open skirt up no panties bent over the sette in the living room.
Needless to say wife dresses in her clothes a lot now.
I still want to fuck our daughter though I'm hoping the wife will allow and let her join in.

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  • My wife calls me daddy when I ejaculate in her vagina I don't think she is aware of what she has said, I am asking myself about her previous sex life, she was only 16 when we started having sex she was very experienced for a 16 year old.

  • She probably had sex with her dad and probably learned a few things. Better to learn from her dad than some random. You should speak to her about it.

  • Fucking ew

  • Why ew?

  • Shopping happened wife bought her some clothes more sexy than normal good they both have similar sizes in bra panties etc makes life a bit easier for borrowing not mentioned anything as yet happy with the current arrangements for now

  • Keep us posted please.

  • So what’s been going on? Did the shopping trip happen? Did you say anything to your wife as suggested?

  • You need your wife and daughter both dressed as school girls giving their 'daddy' a double-header and then sharing a long cum filled kiss.

  • Filthy beast, your wife is being very loving and assisting in both your kinky sexual activities so be happy.

  • I agree, his wife is being great about the whole thing. It very common for dads to be sexually attracted to their daughters. But in this case the daughter it too young for sexual activity with her dad.

  • That is so cool of your wife to dress that way for you, you should be grateful she wants to feed your fantasy. You need to get your wife some other outfits too. Like a cheerleader, a high school swim team bathing suit, and maybe a costume. I do realize how beautiful, succulent, voluptuous, and firm, young tits can be.

  • She has some other clothes she wears red riding hoods a new one and harleyquin is also a hit new addition to the uniform.

  • You need to fix it so that your daughter sees you fucking your wife in her daughter's school uniforms. That might give your daughter some ideas in itself. Maybe call out your daughter's name when you are fucking your wife and see how she reacts.

  • Your daughter should know what's going on with her clothes. Start by buying her some hot, new stuff. When she asks why you've done it, tell her.

  • Yes taking my daughter shopping I'm going to get the wife to do it but some really sexy stuff then wife can wear it for me

  • Good. Make sure your daughter understands that these sexy clothes need to be HERS, not her mom's. Explain that her mom needs to her teasing. Mom has this feting and her flaunting in front of you where mom can see will greatly help her mom.

    Meanwhile, you explain to your wife that the way to deal with her daughter's behavior is to outdo her in kind. They've both got boobs, but your mom can 'flash' hers at you while your daughter is around. She can then tease her daughter back by giving her glimpses of what Daddy will suckle and kiss.

    You want your daughter to feel 'taunted' and 'dared' to show more. Without calling it a 'contest,' see in you can engage them in who is the most daring and desirable. Always cheer the one who puts on the best show.

  • Piss off prick your obviously a pedo wanting to play with little girls , hope you get caught arsehole

  • Not at all! I'm the one who posts 'call the cops' when pedo stuff is posted. This is just messing with the guy's head. Do you seriously believe that his wife dresses in her daughter's clothes? Get a clue, Bub.

  • That should be fetish, not feting.

  • Tell your wife next time you’re fucking that you’d love to see her being eaten out by your daughter. Gauge her reaction and let us know

  • Well that wouldn't surprise me ken, you and anne are such idiots.

  • Tapping your daughters tight cunt while she eats her mommas pussy would be the hottest. Just make sure she's on birth cuntrol, don't need any freaky deformed incest babies running around.

  • Yes seeing her tongue working my wifes pussy while deep inside my daughter would be so hot.
    She is on the pill due to her periods so no problems cumming inside her tight pussy.

  • Your daughter is not on the pill for her periods dufus. That is what dads are always told .

  • She on the pill for cock I know

  • If your wife dresses in her daughter's clothes and role played while you two had sex, I think it's just a matter of time before your wife lets you have sex with your hot 14 yr. old daughter, or else agrees to having a 3-some with her. Maybe after you fuck your daughter, you will be able to relax and watch a little mother/daughter sex to get you hard again.

  • I agree, this situation looks very promising.

  • I would love my wife to dress up like a school girl. That's so sexy

  • I had a girlfriend who i would go pick up after late shift and one night o called to get her. She ran out to my car as per, wearong her pyjamas and heavy coat.
    We got to my house and as i was getting changed she peeked her head round the bedroom door saying. " please sir. Teacher said i was to come see you for being a naughty girl!" She wS wearing a school uniform which she had put on under her pyjamas a d i was totally gobsmacked. She looked so fuckable. I played along and after her over my knee spanking, I stood her up fingered her fresh shaved cunt and bent her over the bed to have the best anal fuck ever. We did this using other male dominant roles as it turned out she confessed to being molested as a teenager by a teacher and an uncle she had told her story to. She was 27 at the time we started our games. Loved ass fucking that dirty little schoolie. Thanks Marion.

  • Wife does enjoy playing that role she knows how hard it makes me currently a good arrangement can but wait and see how we deveop

  • So fkn gross!

  • Nice

  • Better if my cock was inside my busty daughters tight pussy and then between the wifes tits cumming hard and heavy

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