Question for girls?

Im 24 and iv been with 5 girls now and none seem to like or will let me cum on their face? iv seen and watched it in porn loads and cuming on a girl face is something i really want to do but every girl i date seems to be dead against it

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  • It was years till my hubby asked if he could finish on my face.I said go for it.It was enjoyable for him obviously,I was just happy to let him do it for whatever reason.I normally shower straight after.I think if you're with a man long term and its a strong commited relationship then letting him do that shouldn't be a problem or on the other hand if you're with any guy and your sex life is amazing,that is he gives you multiple orgasms,then you should let him cum wherever he wants.

  • Hey girl of 22 here, pretty much every guy iv dated has asked at one point and it wasnt until last year i thought id let this guy i was seeing do it, dont get me wrong it didnt do much for me but looking up seeing his reaction to receiving it was a turn on so we did it again, i dont mind it but it is messy, and ruins what ever makeup in wearing, so far iv let 6 guys do it to me and its not fun

  • Female here, and I let my guy cum pretty much anywhere, but not on my face. It's too much of a "porn move" and makes me feel like an object.

  • I agree i let three guys to it to me at a house party once, i did no feel good about myself looking in the mirror after

  • The late, great porn actor Jamie Gillis was fucking some chick, in one of his films, and she had on little girl panties with teddy bears or kitties on them. When he was going to cum he growled, : I'm gonna cum all over your little girl panties ! I'm gonna mess them up with my hot, nasty cum ! " She looks over her shoulder and asks, " Don't you want to cum on my face ? " He acts shocked and says, " No ! What the fuck do you think I am, some kind of goddamn animal ? " Porn hasn't always been known for its' humor, so, you have to mine those nuggets where you can.

  • I'm 54 and have been with roughly 273 women, and have probably shot my load on about a dozen of their faces. Usually if a woman is giving me head for the first time, I will ask where she wants my load, when I'm getting close to cumming. Some tell me to shoot it in their mouth, most will say on their tits, very few want it on their faces. Not sure why, maybe they fear it will mess up their make-up or it will get in their hair?

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