Older Brother

We grew up on a strawberry farm. It was my older brother, myself and younger sister. During the summer being out of school we didn't get to go much and I had kind of become the slut of the school during winter. Where I live it doesn't really get very cold so I always went to school with no bra and if my blouse had buttons I had it unbuttoned so that if guys were next to me they could look down my blouse and see my tits. I loved showing my tits and because of this it wasn't long before I started getting fucked by a few of the guys.

One day my brother came up to me outside and reached around and cupped my tit. I guess he thought I would pull away and fuss about it but instead I backed up into him and rubbed my ass against his cock. Next thing we knew we were in the barn naked and fucking like a couple of rabbits. After this we fucked on a regular basis and when he saw how much I loved fucking and sucking cocks he brought some of his friends over one day and I fucked all of them.

my brother and I still fuck each other any time he is in town and my hubby knows all about it and he also lets me fuck anyone anytime I want to. He and I both love it when we are fucking and I am telling him all about what the guys and my brother do to me.

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  • I want you as my wife

  • My brother did something very similar initially when he reached right up the front of my shirt from behind me. I was standing at the sink doing the morning dishes and he slid both hands around my waist, under my shirt and right up to my breasts. I stood their frozen as his fingers explored my nipples getting them erect and even though it tickled a lot I just stood there with my arms down letting him explore.
    He continued to just come up to me and reach into my clothes and explore until one day after a few weeks of this he stripped me naked and really started exploring, not only with fingers. His tongue licked my nipples and he then worked his way down between my legs and gave me the first orgasm I had ever had in my life.

  • I'm 17 and my sister is 15. She's already got a great body, big tits, pubic hair, and a tight young ass. We were catching a buzz in my bedroom when she started asking me questions about sex. She then asked me if I wanted to see her tits, and of course I did. They were great making me hard. My sister noticed the bulge in my shorts and asked if I'd like to play some you show me yours, I'll show you mine. We ended up naked and my sister kept staring at my upward pointing cock dripping pre-cum. She touched my cock and I felt how wet her pussy was. I fingered my sister's pussy while sucking on her nipples until she had a loud orgasm. Then I got on top of her slowly pushing my hard cock into her tight wetness. It hurt at first for her so I went slow. After a short time it didn't hurt anymore, so I really started fucking her. In about two minutes I pulled out and emptied load after load of my sperm on her tits. After about 5 minutes we did it again. We kept it up until I went away to college and got a girlfriend. My sister got a boyfriend about the same time, so it all worked out.

  • Confucius say: He who fuck in strawberry patch get ass in jam.

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