Hot for friend's sister

I was hanging out at my friend's house, and his older sister was swimming in their pool out back. She's three years older, has a great body and is very pretty. I've had a crush on her for years.

I was looking at her through the patio window, and when she got out of the pool, her swimsuit got a little wonky, so she slipped a couple of fingers into her crotch and adjusted her swimsuit bottoms. For a brief second I got a peek of her shaved vag. omg I want to fuck her so bad.

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  • I've been hot for teacher, no I mean for my friends sister. She was 15 but very developed for her age. She got out of the pool in her red bikini walking toward me. Smiling at me, she unhooks the bikini top revealing her firm B cup tits to my hungry eyes. Then my sister came barging into the bathroom without knocking just as I was about to bust a nut!

  • Is she dating? If not, ask her out. If you are not besties with her brother, it might be worth losing that friendship wit him to get with his sister, which might freak him out.

    Male friends are easy to find. Pussy isn't.

  • Be careful around your friends sister. My buddy would not talk to me for 3 days just to cool down enough as not to kick my ass for fucking his sister.

  • Sounds like Fast Times at Ridgemont High

  • Lol, She didn't open her bikini top and show her tits so....

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