Coworker and wife fantasy

A new coworker and I have been really hitting if off. He is a single guy who has incredible success with meeting women. He is very active sexually with multiple partners. The stories he shares with me are amazing. My wife enjoys the “weekly updates” I provide her on his sexual exploits and has been suggesting that she would love to meet him to see what he’s all about. We haven’t set anything up yet, but he said “absolutely, anytime”. Over the last few days I’ve become kinda obsessed with a fantasy that meeting for drinks could lead to more. It really turns me on that she is so interested in him. I don’t know if anything will come from this but it’s really hot to consider the possibility!

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  • We are meeting for drinks tonight. Expecting a platonic evening, but very curious to see the chemistry between the two of them.

  • Meet him for drinks. Have wife flirt with him by rubbing her feet on his cock.
    If she really wants him try to encourage them both. Do it while you have the opportunity

  • In all likelihood nothing will come of you meeting up for drinks.

  • Work and sex don't mix, old wise man said once. "Never shit where you eat"

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