IDK why I ever did it.

I just had a very intense thing happen to me this morning..
My husband has been pestering me trying to get me to have sex with a guy so he can watch and he and I have been reading posts on here for weeks now and he has encouraged me to talk to guys here to so I have been.
This guy Jerry and I have talked to each other several times now and we have traded nude pics without showing our faces and he knows that Larry wants to share me with guys but he lives in the Midwest and we are on the western coast but he has been telling me how much he would like to bone me as he puts it.
I get really excited talking to him and we have both masturbated while we talked a couple times but today he suggested that I do it on the internet so he can watch and film it in his I-Pad .
It was fun I stripped nude and got a couple of my toys out and he assured me he would E-mail me the clip when he finished and we could both still talk while we did this.
I was very excited fingering myself and he asked me to open my pussy so he could see it then I heard him moan telling me how much he wished he could stick his cock in me and I was extremely excited now using my G-spot dildo as it vibrated just inside of my pussy.
He asked me if I was going to cum and I assured him that I would and he said tell me when you do and my voice was very rough with my excitement listening to him tell me what he wanted to do to me and I soon came and my fluids leaked out of me running down my thighs and he moaned watching then he said he was going to cum and he grunted several times as I watched his cock spurt his seed onto his I pad god it was so hot.
He later E-mailed me the clip and all I could see was his cock and it looked huge with his hand around it stroking very fast and his I pas had my body nude with out my head fingering myself I watched the whole thing and he shot his load all over my image god I bet Larry will love it when he gets home and watches it.


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  • I have met guys on chat sites, then met and fucked. I’ve never had a bad experience, but I’ve heard stories. Once we made it like we were spies, and had code phrases. “Is the weather always like this?” “That’s why I carry an umbrella.” Then we’re fucking. It was fun.

  • You should hurry and make arrangements so you can both have a great fuck fest

  • Love masturbating on line. Love phone sexc

  • Love to have phone sex

  • Sounds lame masterbaiting online IMHO. I love the real deal and getting my cock wet

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