Caught girlfriend giving a bj

My girlfriend and i were going to stay home in our own apartments this night,just chill for the evening .
So I ordered a pizza,which was going to be too much for me,so i decided to drop off half of it to Melissa. When I got out of the car I noticed that her parking spot had a different car in it and she was behind it in another spot. As i got to the building,her apartment is on bottom floor , I looked in the window , and there she was on her knee's on the floor ,someone sitting on the couch, they were both naked, and she was blowing some guy.I didnt know him .
She licked his cock all over ,sucking and licking,then they changed position and he pounded her good and she took his entire load in his mouth. Im freaking out inside ,so i went up to her door and rang the bell .She opened the door in her robe and I told her what I `saw. She says yes come on in Ill introduce you.Im thinking wtf. Turns out it is her cousin,and they have been fucking secretly for years . She says no big deal,he says no big deal. now im really confused . I think I should dump her .. Or let it continue.. Not sure what to do,I have so many thoughts

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  • I’d join in with them. My big cock would throb from helping her suck his cock, spitroast her with him, and have a friendly fire explosion all over her face

  • Friend, this happens much more often than you might think. My wife and I had a threesome a few years ago with another guy and it opened doors for her. She is seeing other men sometimes now and I don't think I could stop it if I tried. We still love each other dearly and our sex life together is absolutely wonderful. Accept it and continue doing what you do.

  • Dump her. She can't be trusted and she should have volunteered this info ages ago.

  • I think she totally enjoys his cock more. Move on cause once someone finds out it will put you in a very awkward situation

  • She already had a standing commitment to fuck her cousin, for years now. Decide how open minded you are and if you enjoyed watching them suck and fuck, and if you want to travel further down a slightly kinkier path. If not find some up tight girl that is boring in bed and tire of her in a few years.

  • You are so right

  • In my situation it was her dad she was fucking. I took the path of letting it continue and we now have threesomes from time to time. There’s no guy on guy as I’m not that way inclined, but to watch her take his cock while I sit and watch is fantastic

  • Dude cheating is cheating it doesn't matter that the other cock is her cousin.

  • It's going to continue whether you want it to or not. She sounds like she really likes sex, so that's good. But maybe she likes it too much. She's already not faithful to you, so you have to decide whether you can handle this long-term.

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