Friend and I give sensual massage to my wife

Wonder if anyone has actually done something like this?
I’ve had a fantasy that begins with me giving my wife young sexy wife a full body massage.

She’s naked but covered with a light sheet. Blindfolded and wearing headphones with relaxing music. (Possibly had a few drinks)

Here’s the twist.
A guest massager(or masseur) arrives and joins me in massaging her (with her preparoval and consent however she’ll never know who he was)

The friend I’ve invited has been carefully selected but is also in for a sexy sensual surprise.

What I’ve told him is that wife enjoys professional massages and a 4 handed massage is extremely relaxing but she’s never had one and I want to surprise her with a four hands massage at home.

Tell him my wife thinks I’ve brought a pro to take the lead on the massaging.

My friend arrives to find wife on her back on massage table under sheet ,blind folded with headphones on. Dim lighting, candles going and all that jazz.

The massage proceeds normally only exposing the areas being massaged.
(Wife signals for another drink) my friend and I also do a couple of shots.
Massage continues However Shortly I find my self fumbling with keeping the sheet in place (being the amateur I am)
Mainly trying to keep her amazing breasts covered.
After a second “accidental” fumble she says “that’s distracting. just take it off me. Who cares”. He’s a pro he won’t care.”

My buddy (young single early 20s btw we suspect maybe a virgin or not had many girls) looks at me wide eyed then smirks.
We have to concede otherwise we risk her realizing he’s a friend and not a pro (but she already sorta knows) we whisper cuz she can’t hear us (headphones).
So we pull sheet down, exposing breast only covering her from waist to high thighs.

He sorta giggles as I encourage him to continue with massage. On arms hands and shoulders.
He works on her top half I move down to legs (she doesn’t know who’s where on her).

I signal him to work his way to her breasts. As he does she takes deep breath and nipples harden in approval. I signal him to full on massage her breasts. He takes deep breath smiles wide eyed goes for it. (I can tell he’s enjoying it) as her breathing gets deeper and faster with slight moans of approval.

I see him extra excited. So I interrupt. Signal him to trade places.

He’s now at her feet and calf’s and I’m at her breasts.

Shortly after I signalmits time for her to flip (face down).
As she does the sheet slips a bit. As I try to hold it she grabs it and throws in to the ground , smiles and gets comfy bare ass cheeks exposed.

Our friend works on her back as I work on her feet and legs. I can see his eyes are focused on her ass with a certain “hunger”

Him and I work our way on her to the point where we’re standing facing each other on either of her sides massaging her lower back.
We work down the outside of her legs up her calves and eventually to her inner thighs.

As she feel our hand running out of space she spreads her legs a bit. He immediately looks straight at me wide eyed realizing he can see her pussy.
I smile , shrug my shoulders and signal to continue.
I take the lead and get my hand as close to her lips as possible , she responds by spreading her legs wider apart (not knowing who’s touching her)
We both beefing massaging her ass cheeks. She pushes up against our touch. Visibly arroused.
I put more oil on her. Slip my hand down her ass crack all the way to her pussy. She spreads and pushes against my touch. I remove my hand and signal for him to have a go at it.

He smiles nods and goes for it. As she pushes back against his touch he slips a finger in her. She moans in approval. As her hands on her sides move around and find themselves caressing our cocks over our clothes.

I proceed to hold her ass cheeks open as he fondels and fingers her.

We flip her over, he continues to finger her. Her legs open bent with knees up as she grabs his hand and forces his fingers in her a bit rougher and deeper. Until she orgasms right on his hand.

We trade places once more. I then proceed to pull her to the edge of the table, begin licking her pussy as he squeezes bites ,punches and pulls on her nipples. (she’s not sure who’s doing what)
I can’t resist any more. I get in position pull pants down and penetrate her quite forcefully.
And pound her as hard and rough as I can.

She responds. Shivers squirms on table. Grabs on to my friends dick he end up coming just from her fondling him as she screams in extasy. She orgasms again and has a grin from cheek to cheek.

Things wind down from here. My friend sneaks away.
She’s aware it was a friend of ours but doesn’t know who.
He’s not aware we planned this and thinks him and I got away with this naughty thing. Her and I talk about how sexy this was and are turned on every time we talk about it and have great sex.

Him and I also talk about it over drinks and how hot she and it all was/is and sorta joke (but not really) about how to make it happen again. Knowing he wants his turn at fucking her.

And that’s we’re the story ends...pauses.

Have any of you done or Fantasized about similar scenarios.

Would love to hear real stories.


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  • I would love to be your friend, but I would be the to fuck her.

  • Here’s a topless of her I took in our bedroom.

  • I bet You would enjoy her. She’s is a beauty.

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