Altercation with my girlfriend's ex husband

I was at my girlfriend's house. She is about 30 and divorced. Our sex life used to be great.We were alone and weren't expecring anybody until late, so right after lunch we started making out right on the couch. As we were having sex, next thing you know that loser of her ex husband shows up in a kimono covered only by a denim jacket and gets mad. He starts shouting crap, when I stand up, also to impress her, and try to walk him at the door. Yet, soon the situation escalates and in spite of my attempts to opverpower him, in a few seconds he has me in a painful hold and forcese to say that I am sorry right there and then. All the while she was watching.
I feel totally emasculated, and I am afraid she feels that too, even though she does not admit it.


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  • Obviously you need this sorted speak to your girlfriend bring her on line I will explain that i will be sorting her ex out!

  • Buy a gun.

  • Work out a lot and then next time wipe the floor with him

  • Oh she does. She thinks you're a pussy and she's probably over fucking her ex right now.

  • Obviously, there’s good reason those two are not together any more. And why the hell was he wearing a kimono? Seems like you tried to do the right thing. Sometimes life just doesn’t work out the way you think it should. He may have bragging rights with the fellas down at the Kick Ass Saloon but you did what you could and if she does not have respect for that, you’re not losing much. That’s a hard thing to confess and I respect you for it.

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