Well for a long time I have known that Lee is very perverted on our wedding day well even before that he got a kick out of teasing me about other guys and wanted to know all about the guys I had been with and it was embarrassing talking about my past sex life but to get back to our wedding he joked about sharing me on our wedding night with friends but by now I knew that it just turned him on so I went along with it.
After that we would joke about him doing it just as a foreplay and I was getting a perverted kick out of it myself sometimes he would tie me up and pretend he was another guy and fuck me like that then we bought some cloth Velcro hand and leg tie down and he would secure me to a bed and blindfold me and do it again his fantasies were getting wilder and wilder as he began to tell me when we were getting it on that someday he was going to do it for real and to tell the truth just the thought of it made my orgasms very intense.
Over time we took those tie downs with us when we would be gone over night and most times this happened at night he would tie me down blindfold me and gag me and say that he was going to pick up a guy and bring him back to do me and he would be gone for awhile then I would hear the door open and he would quietly come over and I would hear his clothes rustle as he undressed then he would get onto the bed and get in between my legs and without a word he would fuck me and god I couldn't say anything but my body would go wild.
Afterward he would take the blindfold off and take the gag out of my mouth and let me drink something because I was always very thirsty after that.
This happened several times and when we were normally getting it on he would whisper in my ear that someday it would be a stranger I saw when he took my blindfold off and I always had a wild orgasm when he would say things like that.
We had talked about Cash Creek several times and this always came up in our conversations that he was going to share me some day but by know I knew better so when we made our reservation I knew that at some point it was going to get kinky.
We spent the afternoon and evening gambling after we checked in and got our room and Lee although he did gamble he open some time just talking to guys at the bar while I had fun at the slot machines.
I was about 40 bucks ahead at midnight when Lee came up standing behind me and wrapped his arms around me and cupped my bests in his hands and asked if I was ready for some action and rubbed up against my butt and I could feel his cock through his pants .
I laughed and he took my hand not saying much but as soon as we got into our room he began undressing me and I was getting a ick out of it as he got me up onto the bed as he told me again how he had a guy lined up for me and he was going to tie me down and let him fuck me and I was getting into it also asking what he looked like and all just egging him on and he told me he was a big black man and I laughed as he took my wists ans secured me to the bed and he leaned over and sucked on my nipples getting then hard then he secured my ankles pulling my legs apart.
I asked for a drink as he blindfolded me but this time he didn't gag me he leaned over and whispered that he would be back with a guy in a few moments and as always there was a doubt as to weather he was telling the truth or not but my body was responding I felt a trickle of my fluids leak out of me. He left and I was alone with all of these thoughts of no he would never do something like that but there was always the doubt and my heart was racing with these thought and doubts conflicting and my heart was hammering in my chest then I heard the door open and silent steps as he entered the room I could hear breathing and I asked Lee???? but no response but I heard clothes rustle as he undresses and I was getting excited the bed gave as he got on the bed and I felt him in between my legs .
I was laughing now babbling knowing that it was Lee but not positive then his fingers opened my pussy and he began to finger me his breath was hash then he moved again and I felt his legs against mine and I realized that he had no hair and Larry is very hairy I asked Lee????? Lee???? but no answer just harsh breathing then I felt his cock head in between my open pussy and I was beginning to feel panicky calling out Lee ??? Lee god dammit answer me then his cock head was pushing me open and his hands cupped my breasts as his cock head slipped into me I was moving around on the bed struggling as beast as I could but to no avail as his dick that was larger than Lees forced its way into me and I thought my god he did it this time as he began to fuck me my body began to respond to him and I was shocked after all this time Lee had done it and another man was fucking me.
I couldn't fight and I tried to relax but my body craved what was happening and I felt an orgasm building inside of me then Lee whispered from a distance go for it Honey I am right here .
I was having trouble breathing and my mind was afire now feeling this complete stranger inside of me my body responded to him wildly and soon I was over the top gasping for breath as my big O washed over me then I couldn't stop Cumming one time after the other and it seamed to go on forever until whoever it was that was fucking me cried out softly and I felt his cock pulse inside of me as he came his hot seed flooded into mein spurts as my mind tried to accept what had just happened for a long time he laid on top of me and I felt his cock shrink then he pulled out of me and I heard him thank Lee as he dressed I wanted to see who it was but Lee refused to take my blindfold off until he was gone.
When we had breakfast the next morning Lee pointed to several guys saying it was one of them and they were all black. I still don't know which one it was.


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  • Nice confession! , my pussy is wet from just reading it. Wish my husband would do that to me.

  • That is hot as fuck!!!

  • Nice, very lucky girl, it can now happen again and again

  • Nice story

  • Super hot story. Wish my partner would line me up some cocks to suck, at least.

  • Very hot story...thanks for sharing...

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