Amy Knows Best

Mr "comment" guy is such a troll with a tiny little cock that cant get hard enough to fuck the eye of a sewing needle, which is why he wastes so much time here posting stupid shit over and over and over. If he had a cock that worked and could please anything he wouldn't be here. AMY knows best!



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  • Fυηηγ cοmmεητς. hα hα hα. rεαllγ
    fυηηγ cοmmεητς. lοl. ηο. ι'm ηοτ.

  • I got a memo but how ? You tell me
    ? It was the word reported on one
    And a post on the other one. What do you mean ? Stupid bitch. If you have anything to comment. Comment. Don't send a memo.

  • Memo ? You know anything about it ?

  • If he's a troll you're a gremlin

  • Get murdered

  • ...ANd to the "rest of you" (like there
    is; ha ha ha 'cдЦsе I don't believe
    There are) do the same

  • Question; Who ¿ (like there's anyone)
    ha ha ha

  • I see it would have to be anal

  • I should've "left it alone" (you know what I mean) after the first comment

  • I haven't really offended anyone.
    Because everyone doesn't take
    Anything personally. That's how I
    See it. Am I right or NOt ?

  • Oh, and Btw Tracy's here to take
    good care of me

  • Not lie

  • I’ll fuck you good Amy. You don’t need that pencil dick.

  • Sure Amy, but I know the truth and told him. So ughhh yea.

  • You got that right, girl.

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