Amy Knows Best

Mr "comment" guy is such a troll with a tiny little cock that cant get hard enough to fuck the eye of a sewing needle, which is why he wastes so much time here posting stupid shit over and over and over. If he had a cock that worked and could please anything he wouldn't be here. AMY knows best!



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  • Okay, where's the comments sayin'
    "oh yeah we're going to join you in the program again, happy days oh yeah"

  • Hey everyone, I'm back with. Today
    I've heard that if I get probation it
    would be state probation and as
    long as I show up I wouldn't have to pay, maybe I've heard incorrectly. Does anyone know the
    answers about state probation and
    the rule about if anyone can't pay?
    I've heard of people that didn't pay
    and they didn't get put in jail for not paying.

  • Its been said, I have to go to court
    on April 3, d*mmit I"ll have to plead guilty. D*mmit.

  • They'll probably either give me
    Probation or jail time. I don't want
    Either one of the choices.

  • Why no comment from anyone? I
    have a meeting tomorrow at the
    office. I maybe have to go to court
    in April on the 3rd for the

  • Great news Everyone! !! I may have a chance to get back in the program 'Cause I today at Wal-Mart was caught for theft so Anyone that was in the program before steal from Wal-Mart get caught and join me in the program
    again!!!!!!! Yay!! Happy days might
    soon be here again! !!

  • I have heard today that I, yes I ystävä
    Me, Moi, I because of what's called a
    Misdemeanor that I see is a lesser
    Offense may be (I don't wanna brag)
    Might be a gettin' off scot-free and
    not have to do m*therf*ckin' jailtime.
    What do the ystävät thinkin?

  • Hey, First of all let this comment be
    1.I wasn't being defensive of Her
    Because I saw her there like she was and I didn't see Her as being the kind that would do things for
    Anyone or almost anyone 2. I understand that sometimes looks can be deceiving to anyone not only me. Question; Is it really "wrong to see somebody like she is
    Completely innocent.? 4. Any of y'all had "First comment" and that
    did lead to every "bad" word. So, It's all y'alls fault for havin' "first comment". That's how I see it. I'm

  • I see now she didn't do anything to me
    to affect me. She was nice and that's
    ok. She was friendly and I liked that.
    Maybe she is "perfect" to someone.
    Everyone has their lives to live. Me, I
    don't really. You could say I'm living
    somebody else's because of the life I am currently living. She may be someones only woman. one that
    wouldn't...(you know). Maybe. Really
    it's not my business. I will admit I have
    been a complete total fool. I shouldn't
    be for how I've felt before.

  • I understand now. Every bad word
    Shouldn't be taken personal. Every
    bad word is meaningless really.

  • For a hundred bad words, a hundred
    Would never make up for. It is a
    Thought. Tell me I am right.

  • Somewhere someone's sittin' alone
    wonderin' whose number's

  • And Btw my d*ck got hard last night
    and today so you can all f*ck your-

  • Btw Motherf*ckers I'm gettin' anal right now
    Motherf*ckers. Y'all S*ck my d*ck.

  • Which dumb son of a bitch keeps
    givin' out dumb suggestions

  • And why?

  • Dumb Shit

  • Https://

  • Someone likes scrolling through all
    of these recent little memories and
    thinks..."Yeah it's been great"...
    Thanks for the memories.

  • This is 'confession post', not 'revenge post'. Please take your relationship meltdown elsewhere.

  • Miscommunication, sorry. all of
    this back and forth is confusing. I
    mean you are all back and forth forth with each other. My mistake.
    It's a little confusing.

  • It's a funny coincidence. Something
    about every comment to this post is
    somehow related to anyone that may
    know Amy because this post is hers.
    Anyhow I was wondering if anyone is
    particularly interested in comments
    about other posts.? If you are particularly interested in comments to
    another post, leave your comments
    after the days end if you don't mind.
    No I don't have a post anymore but I
    thought you would all like to leave a
    comment on a particular post that you
    all may know. Thank you all and do
    comment again. It's really up to you.

  • My friend wants to talk to Amy.
    He says hello and how is the
    D'arling Amy? Tonight. The subject
    Should be about JUly and what it
    Was before. Does anyone understand?

  • Yeah you know you love anal and
    You want his Dick in your ass. admit it to everyone. You know it's

  • Yeah get over it Amy he knows
    You're obsessed with him and you
    Know it why do you keep lying to

  • This is dumb shit

  • To everyone there's been an misunderstanding about a few words (anyone of don't know the words that are misunderstood) question why does anyone have the words "u need help" she surely does doesn't she? And to everyone
    Playing dumb I guess with the same stupid ignorant foolish questions I don't ask why or even
    Care because it is like a stupid game to any of you why? so the stupid ignorant foolish little words
    I don't care about now you can all go straight to Hell all of you including Amy Nicole Corley? Amy Heinz Whoever I don't give a damn

  • She's a mother fuckin bitch and a
    hobbits lookalike Happy Halloween
    Mother fucker

  • So is Amy Nicole Corley. They Might be the same person. Fuckin
    FYI EVERYONE the Mother fuckin
    Bitch reports comments cause that's all she knows how to do

  • Amy Heinz is a pissed-off paranoid
    bitch that reports comments and if
    She's got any friends they are also
    Paranoid bitches just like she is they report comments also and why cause they're mother fuckin
    Grammar patrol and don't really
    Have anything better to do with their time except report comments
    Here's a suggestion get together all
    Of you and play with your damn
    selves and if which I doubt anyone
    else comes on this poor pathetic
    Excuse for social media has a comment you better watch your comment because it will get reported FYI EVERYONE

  • Btw your post is pathetic bitch you take those words you fuckin bitch and
    all your goddamn friends bitch



  • This is all not directed at one person no way it's not it can't be so
    who needs help who wants to chat
    And who in the FUCK is EVERYONE?
    Could somebody answer that?


  • No comprehend is mine friend and
    why but this is the only chat

  • The help Friend doesn't
    Comprehend help. All is taunt and

  • You know yours and their taunt is
    so ignorant and foolish and stupid

  • What is chat about ? And how do you
    say ? "my friend" and because he is
    "my friend" he is mine the guy is mine
    Friend "my friend" to your englisch ?
    yes ? This is correct ? englisch ?

  • What is hmu ? And the chat is with
    who ? kein verständis ? is my friend
    You no comprehend ? no ? why ?
    You are educated American, yes ?

  • Friend not chat with you.
    he is with a friend. She showing him
    nice time. Whoever anyone is
    piss off

  • You're all crazy all of you and I'll tell
    You why because nobody uses this

  • I wish to chat. Hmu

  • U need help

  • Fyi To anyone and everyone who has a comment or questions please leave comments and questions here and our friend is
    out of the coma after a short while
    and he says hello, and that's all.

  • Mine friend tells me this. You know
    This is right. Jedes wort ist deine eigene schuld. There's not apologies
    From mine friend. It is your fault. You
    Know it's true. What more needs to be

  • Je ne vois pas de commentaires au
    cours des dernières heures Est-ce
    parce que n'importe qui n'a rien de
    bon à commentaire Si quelqu'un n'a pas nous allons commentaire dire ? événements récents si quelqu'un est intéresse Il est avec
    un ami ils ne font pas attentionne
    Il va bien La fille de__? n'est pas à
    ____? pendant qu'il est l'à où il est
    d'autres ont des mots il a des mots
    il a des mots d'amis pour ces mots
    ce n'est pas lui-même c'est des amis il va bien où il est

  • Il a été drogué, Une femme l'a tráiné dans un placard. Il y avait une résistance. Il a résisté. Elle ne prendrait pas non pour une résponse. Il a été drogué dans le placard.

  • J'ai une questionne, qui est la fille
    de juillet. Sinulla ei ole mitään
    parempaa tekemistä. Se on totta
    ja sinä kaikki tietävät sen. Kuka
    tahansa hän on, ehkä hän ei saisi
    olla _, koska hänellä ei ole mitään
    parempaa tehdä. Jos kaikki tietää,
    kuka hän on miksi pyytää.

  • Wer ist ?. ich weiB nicht. Sie
    Sagen sie mir.

  • Jokingly...Yes...

  • I would really like to know is AMY male or female and from what nationality ?

  • Ketchup nation of course

  • Vous êtes tous narguer, tous de toi.
    Vous nègres peut lavoir. je suis avec mon ami maintenant. il est
    vivant. Il a menti.

  • See POst THe words are for all of you

  • FОг. Vielen DAnk An alle mit gebildeten Kommentaren und Vorschlägen. Sie haben wirklich geglaubt, oder? was kann Niemand erwartet. Was würde jemand erwarten? Ich lüge nicht. Vă mulțumesc tuturor cu commentarii și
    suggestii educate. Chiar nu crezi. a făcut nemeni? Ce poate cineva se
    așteapta.? Ce s-ar aștepta cineva.

  • If there is anyone (the people close to somebody) who has a "bad" word for someone about all of these "bad" words. Let me explain. He was not
    angry because the words didn't "get
    To him". He really wasn't. I have been
    Answering this for HiM. Thank you and
    Good Day to everyone.

  • To who ? and No.

  • Regen sei Blut.

  • ? P.e. w.i.t.h.a.y.a.w.w.I.(n.h.) w.t.t.?
    y.t.m.a.y.a.o.o.t.y.a.a.y.a.a.a. Jemand
    Sagte, er habe kein Gehfüle. Nicht
    Für Leute oder orte. Wen Fragen SIe
    Ihre Fragen.? Er ist weg. Du spielst
    dumm, alles von dir. Y.G.I.(Y.K.W.I.M.)
    A.F.R.W.D.Y.?Acest lucru nu este Social.
    ? Este un c.patetic.?

  • There is...good word(mine)...these posts...
    thank you...and I (not he. you know)
    am not asking why of questions.
    It may be that some of you if not all
    of you...still may have problem with
    mine friend. You shouldn't now

  • You are a friend ? And this pathetic
    Post is not a "substitute" for "social
    Media" and everyone knows it. so,
    why would anyone bother again with
    This pathetic post or any other post ?
    mine friend tells "July girl" didn't make
    his self feel anything. About haters and all taunt, he mine friend really doesn't care about any of that now, anyone may have had "first comment"
    Maybe not and it's not like mine friends words were in any way intended to be defense of another
    Person turned into abuse words really
    why should anyone care now.? he says
    The words aren't defense for lies or
    Not lies really what more needs to be
    Said. so this post and the words are a
    Pathetic "outreaching" you know what
    That means. Friend or not, mine
    Friend doesn't care now. Save your
    Talk and taunt for the next fool
    Whoever that may be. It's all stupid and meaningless right now. Every
    word is with its meaninglessness

  • I see a lot about Amy here. Ima homie if u wanna talk. Fuck the haters.

  • About the word hear wtf do you mean ? This is print. I have good words for
    Anyone and about anything and let's
    be honest now. It is all taunt and you
    Know it.

  • It is taunt, yes. It is and for the reason(s) I do not know. But anyone
    Else insist on taunt. Why. ? Maybe it
    is because they do not have better
    thing(s) to do with their time. Maybe
    Anyone should find anything "better"
    To do beside taunt. It is so stupid and
    Meaningless. There is much meaninglessness with taunt. Who could really care. ?

  • Kuka kukaan kiusaa, todella.? Se on
    Niin tyhmä. Jos joku on. Olet tyhmä.

  • He has name.

  • Ohhh I'd love a homie. I bet your BBC will do so much more for my little wet pussy than Mr. Commenters little soft grain of rice. Tell me what you'd do to me so he can hear what he's missing out on.

  • Id eat you out and fill that mouth full of sweet man juice.

  • Aux personnes suivantes ?; dites-
    vous que c'est fini.

  • I am back with whoever now, Din
    cauza agresiunii recente, el afacut
    alegerea-1. ? 2. Keep comments to

  • To "Her" Bastard"", Du bist ein gelogener sohn von ein Schlampe sie ist nicht "perfekt". Bist du auch nicht.
    Geh fick deine Mutter. Du bist ein Bastard. Wer bist du ?, du unwissender
    Bastard. ? ihr Bastard. ? Du dummer
    Hurensohn. Lass mich ich denke du bist einer ihrer Bastarde. Sie ist nein
    besser als jeder und du weiBt es. Du
    bist nur ein gewöhnlicher Bastard. Sie
    Du sagst mir, ob sie eine Schlampe ist
    oder bist du zu dumm, um wirklich
    etwas zu sagen. ? Du weiBt wer du bist. ? Wer bist du ?, Du unwissender Bastard. ? ihr Bastard. ? Du dummer
    Hurensohn. Lass mich raten, ich denke , du bist einer ihrer Bastarde. Sie ist nicht besser als jeder andere und du weiBt es. Du bist nur ein gewöhnlicher Bastard. Sie Du sagst mir, ob sie eine
    Schlampe ist oder bist du zu dumm,
    um wirklich etwas zu sagen. ? Du weiBt

  • ???Excuse us... But who is anyone here?

  • Sie verstehen es nicht. Du bist wahrscheinlich faul, Dumm Amerikanisch. Ein Idiot. Ich erzähle dir.
    Du bist. Streiten Sie nicht mit.

  • Duk' haskanum yek': Amerikyan

  • What the fuck is it with all the wog language on this post, fuck off you cunts.

  • ? Who Я Ц ? & See posts. I am his
    Friend. He has died.

  • What the fuck is all this shit about AMY, is she a real slut or what ?

  • I'm OKay. You're not. I just pulled
    The knife out of my chest. Thanks
    For ? It was right in mine heart.

  • Take it yourself bitches

  • You need to increase your dosage of Thorazine.

  • Ես դուիս եմ զալիս:

  • One of them and why ? Stupid mf

  • Wtf is youtube ? Stupid motherfucker

  • I'm too damn ignorant to comprehend

  • Https://

  • Comment motherfucker

  • Who are the niggers ? and Btw on another post it says open for everyone in the world to comment
    should we ?

  • Another Niggers comment

  • Like whoever doesn't know who it is. Nigger.

  • Gotta say, this crazy dude going after this Amy chick is the best. I don't know if it's the poor grammar, unhinged anger, or the obsessiveness with which he comments. Please, can everyone keep trolling this guy - so much fun.

  • Fûηηγ. Ι mξαη rξαllγ fύηηγ

  • Hey, What up Niggers ? Are y'all Goin'
    To Whore around or not ?

  • Amy is ur pussy shaved or hairy

  • Misspelling

  • You're all Niggers

  • Po hooy, Pizdobol, Pizdoon, Blyat

  • Fuck her you Nigger Bastard and get

  • Any will u call me while I masturbate to u

  • Fυηηγ cοmmεητς. hα hα hα. rεαllγ
    fυηηγ cοmmεητς. lοl. ηο. ι'm ηοτ.

  • I got a memo but how ? You tell me
    ? It was the word reported on one
    And a post on the other one. What do you mean ? Stupid bitch. If you have anything to comment. Comment. Don't send a memo.

  • Memo ? You know anything about it ?

  • If he's a troll you're a gremlin

  • Get murdered

  • ...ANd to the "rest of you" (like there
    is; ha ha ha 'cдЦsе I don't believe
    There are) do the same

  • Question; Who ¿ (like there's anyone)
    ha ha ha

  • I see it would have to be anal

  • I should've "left it alone" (you know what I mean) after the first comment

  • I haven't really offended anyone.
    Because everyone doesn't take
    Anything personally. That's how I
    See it. Am I right or NOt ?

  • Oh, and Btw Tracy's here to take
    good care of me

  • Not lie

  • I’ll fuck you good Amy. You don’t need that pencil dick.

  • Sure Amy, but I know the truth and told him. So ughhh yea.

  • You got that right, girl.

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