I started growing back my facial hair

My wife told me one day after some pretty mind blowing sex and she again did not do any oral on me at all, just some hand grabbing and stroking. We laid there for a few minutes just enjoying the after sex relaxation and she asked me how it was for me. I told her it was awesome but wondered about the no oral for the past few lovemaking sessions and she responded back with she does not like to do it and never liked doing it. So basically no more blow jobs for me.
I took it in stride not wanting to really argue about something that she has been doing for six years now and I am just finding out that she has never liked doing it.
I figured it would be several weeks before we had another lovemaking event so I started letting my facial hair come back in, I always liked having a goatee but one of her complaints shortly after our sex life started was that my facial hair was to rough on her really sensitive skin down there. I figured her enjoyment was far more important than facial hair so I started keeping a smooth face. It was about four days into the regrowth when she asked me what was up with the facial hair.
I told her that I always liked having a goatee and since oral sex is now out of the picture what was the issue with growing it back. She of course took this like she typically takes things and blew up asking me why I would not still want to give her oral because I seemed to thoroughly love to get as much of it as I could from her. Needless to say the rest of the conversation went down hill quickly from there and I was the asshole in the room.
I kept calmly telling her look, I do not want you feeling pressured to perform oral on me since you dislike it so much and yes I am going to miss it for sure but I am not going to expect it from you either.
I think it was about four months later she was finally horny one day and told me that she was really wanting sex. We got into it on the couch actually and I started massaging her with my fingers, she was not getting very wet but was moving her hips around quite a bit. She finally let out a please lick my pussy, come on I am aching for your tongue baby. I held out and kept getting her turned on with other things like rubbing my now hard cock across her and slowly penetrating her for some stimulation. She was not responding very well at all though and I learned something else from her, she loved having an orgasm before intercourse because it was far more comfortable for her. Well things ended badly with her getting increasingly frustrated and finally just giving up, she gave me a very mad look and went upstairs where I heard her moaning out after a bit. She had a vibrator pushed tightly against her pussy and was moaning out with an orgasm a few minutes later but was barely even lubed up. She was so used to getting licked and all the feelings that come along with it that this new way was really frustrating for her.
So I as I am sure you figured out by now we ended up splitting up over it and I have vowed to never marry again for sure. I am sure she will end up sucking some cock to get what she wants then pull the same thing on some other guy for sure.

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  • You two, the story teller and the first commenter are fucking selfish idiots. I lick pussy because I love it not to get my cock sucked. If a woman said I could have only one of 3 things .........1.) I could eat her pussy 2.) she would suck me off 3.) I could fuck her. I would choose #1 every time and your wife is right if she comes before intercourse it is better for her. A woman should be fucked more after she cums than before.

  • I love eating pussy, but if my old lady wouldn't give me head, I certainly wouldn't go down on her anymore.

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