He took my wife into our bedroom and I said nothing

I came home from work and my wife had a look on her I'd not seen before. She said a tile repair man who fixed a broken tile that after noon in our apartment had made advances. What do you men, I asked? She said she had the music on and was sitting on the sofa, when he came out of the kitchen and said the repair was done. He said let's dance and before she could say anything, he had grabbed her arm and pulled her into an embrace and was dancing with her. She wasn't angry when she told me, I look back on it now I realise she enjoyed being told what to do by other men and wanted to see my reaction. My ego made me call him and want to yell at him,, but when he answered the phone and I repeated to him what Barbara told me, he said-so what- I started to raise my voice and he said to me: Oh, she liked it and don't give my any bs, and you do too. I told him to come over and repeat that to my face and he said: who are you trying to kid, I'll fuck her when I come over and you won't do a thing-I got sexually aroused when he said that. About 9 o'clock he knocked on the door and Barbara by then had gotten out of the shower, and put her pink bathrobe on and was bare foot, and answered the door. I sat on the sofa kinda like a dear in the head lights, feeling both sexually excited and like a scared punk. He looked at barbara as he walked in and it was obvious to him she was naked under her robe. No sooner had she closed the door he had his hand under her robe and she was breathing hard. They both started kissing with heavy tongue action and her robe was wide open and his hands were all over her. He took her hand and had her unzip his fly. She was stroking it and his dick was big and thick,then He whispered something to barbara, and I could see the lust in her eyes and the next thing I know, she's leading him into our bedroom and I hear the door slam shut. I just sat there. after about 5 minutes I could hear her screams-she is always loud when she has orgasisms with me, This continued for about 1 hour and all the time I could hear the headboard banging against the wall almost none stop. Finally the bedroom door open and he comes out zippering up his pants and walks to the door and on the way he says: I gave your wife a good fucking and she sucked my cock like a good slut. Next time I have both of you sucking my cock, and left. I got up off the couch, like a real man, but when I walked into the bedroom and saw how relaxed she was and his' cum all on her face and tits, I like melted inside and realized I was a Cuckold husband. Tell me what happened I insisted and she said: Do you really want to know Don. Ashmed I said no, but later as I was fucking her I could hardly feel her pussy-he really stretched her and little did I think he had prepared her for other men with big dicks, so I said tell me. We had intercourse and he came in me several times; then, we did 69. As he was coming, he pulled my head back and came all over my face and breasts. Did you like it I asked: she didn't say anything, so I asked her again, and she whispered Yes! Was he big and she said very. I told her I could hear all her orgasisms, and her face got all red and she actually seem embarrassed. For the next several weeks, I jerked off repeatedly replaying in my mind everything she told me. That was the beginning of my church going wife and her sexual experiences with other men.


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  • I want to become a cuck. The more I think about it, the more I want it.

  • I love to use guys like you and fuck their wives. I can spot them.

  • You're replying to your own story?

  • Nice but I imagine this is your fantasy cause I would have made him my sissy

  • You can make me your sissy and enjoy fucking my wife.

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