WTF, Mom?

I'm an adult, 19f, but I still live at home because I'm saving money for college. My older sister is 22 and she lives at home too. Our mom is divorced from our Dad and is 49.

The weather was bad, so the job at which I work closed early, so I was home early. I walked into the house and wtf, there on the couch was my mom fucking my older sister's boyfriend. Her fat ass was hanging off the arm rest and Matt, my sister's bf, was standing in between her legs just plowing away. I was speechless. They apologized, but it was only because they got caught. I went to my room, but they didn't even stop. I could hear them getting off. So fucked up.

This has me really upset and unnerved. I sense that this has been going on for a while. My sister has no clue, and I'm torn between telling her or just keeping this a secret. My mom says she's not trying to steal her boyfriend, but just enjoys the sex and that she hasn't had it often since the divorce, blah blah. She refuses to acknowledge how fucked up this is. I don't know wtf to do. One thing I do know is that when I get a boyfriend I'm keeping him way the fuck away from my slut mom. Omg I can't believe she's such trash. So is my sister's boyfriend btw.

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  • Keep your mouth shut completely

  • Don't say a word your mother needs cock too

  • Tell your sister. Your mom won’t understand how messed up her behavior is until something bad happens. The boyfriend too of course

  • It's sad, but you need to be the "parent" here and have a sit down with Mom and tell her to keep her fucking pants on around your sister's guy. This is all her fault. She needs to pull herself together and stop acting like a disgusting, overheated animal.

    As far as your sister's bf goes, well, he's a guy. Of course he is down to fuck. Guys would fuck a hole in the ground, if they knew it would drain their balls.

  • I don't see a problem there. Momma needs some cock, and her daughter's boyfriend is probably a safer option than going out and picking up some strange. It's most likely just a sexual thing, so he is not likely to leave your sister for your mother. In all likelyhood, he would probably slip you some bone every now and again if you need it. Nothing better than keeping it in the family.

  • I say keep your mouth shut and start fucking your sister's bf too.

  • I don't know how you could have let them go on fucking? I would have been like, "I'm telling my sister on both you assholes". I think you should tell your sister that both her boyfriend and your mother are pieces of shit for fucking each other. Your sister doesn't need a boyfriend like him. Maybe you and your sister could move in together? Your mom is nothing but a whore.

  • Why is the mom a whore? She just needs some Cock like ever other woman. It’s just as much the BF’s fault as it is the mom! It takes 2 to tango!

  • You don't tell your sister. You tell your mother to tell your sister what she has done and why she is now confessing it. You dont need to be anymore a part of this than you are accidentally are.

  • But if your mom won't do it, then tell your sister.

  • Agree 100%.

  • Agree 101%

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