Help I fancy my brother!

We went on family holiday the week before last, 7 days in the sun, we had a villa with a private pool and i basically lived in the pool for the week. I don't hang around with my brother, we have different friends and interests so I feel like I have pretty much ignored each other for the last couple of years, despite living in the same house lol. I was nervous at first round the pool as my new bikini turned out to be smaller than it looked online and was worried about showing a bit too much around my dad and brother. That's before I saw my brother's new trunks, I was not expecting budgie smugglers! Or his body, OMG where has he been hiding that, he was ripped and packing a sizeable bulge. Embarrassingly I found myself checking him out all holiday, he has a great ass btw.
I caught him looking at my ass and boobs a couple of times, but he's a boy and my bikini was way to small.
But this is killing me I can't find my brother hot, or worse attractive, this is not ok, his body is in my head now.
Someone help me please?


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  • On Saturday morning our parents went out, me and my brother were just getting up, I was in a short nighty and panties, quite cute actually. I woke up horny and decided to open my door, I was going to dress with my door open whether or not my brother would see, just because I felt a bit exhibitionist. (Its a feeling I get in a bikini, guys are looking, but that's hot)
    Before I had started undressing my brother's door opened, he was going to the bathroom I guess, but importantly just in his boxers.
    He saw me, wished me good morning and hovered for a min. I told him I was just going to get dressed and seductively lifted my nighty a little to flash a glimpse of my panties.
    He came in to my room and stood right in front of me, I lifted my nighty over my head and stood their in just panties. He pulled me in to him as I had done at the pool, and I could feel has now hard cock pressing against my panties.
    I was so horny it hurt and so wanted cock in me, but this was still my brother. He slipped his hands between my legs and my panties were really wet, I was embarrassed but he loved it. We pulled each others underwear down and
    we fell on the bed, I spread my legs and he stood over me, for a min nearly had sex. I started masterbating and so did he. Both of us came quite quickly, he ejaculated over me, mostly on my tummy but some reached my boobs.
    Afterwards we got up and wierdly hugged, but that felt so good, feeling our bodies together. We dressed and got on with the day, but I felt so sexy all day

  • Thanks for all the advice, things went a bit far last night and I thought I should share with you all. My brother swims at least twice a week, I don't but asked if I could join him, when we got pool side I was in that bikini and he was in those trunks. After some awkwardness and looks he went off to do laps and I did too, in the slow lane. After a while I was tired, I went to a shallow bit and rested. Later he joined me and we found a underwater seat and chatted. My boobs were above the water line was was his chest, and we were both looking. He eventually said he had done his laps and we could go if I wanted. We got to the lockers and got our things, I dived in a cubicle, and seeing him look for one I invited him in. After getting things out our bags we stood awkwardly facing each other.
    I got brave and took my bikini top off and then slid my bottoms off, he stared at my body, I asked him if he was changing or not. After a pause, I pulled his trunks down, and cock flicked out of them in to an erection. I pulled him close and he put his hands round my waist, his cick rested on my tummy. I grabbed one of his hands and put it between my legs, and used it to stroke myself. He got the message and started fingering me, he was very nervous and excited and unfortunately ejaculated on my tummy, I urged him to carry on and with some help he made me cum. I struggled to stay quiet.
    We cleaned up, dressed and left, we were silent all the way home. Can't believe it happened

  • Sounds like you had fun, just remember to use birth control if you have sex.

  • It was crazy, pretty sure it won't happen again, not thinking about sex, but it's a powerful experience

  • How come you won't have sex with your brother? You've got this far, it would be a shame not to experience it.

  • It just seems so wrong, what I have done seems so wrong, I feel so conflicted as the experience was so excited and I can't stop thinking of his cock popping out of his trunks.

  • What you've done isn't wrong its normal for many brothers and sisters.

  • We had a really open talk last night, I quizzed him about his love life, if he had a gf etc. I asked him who he fancies in the celebrity world, I then asked him about porn and masterbation. He was very shy at first but I admitted that I masterbate most days and then he said he does it daily, and always to porn. I offered to do it together, we couldn't do it there and then as the house was not empty, but it sounds like it might be happening. I think I'm ok with it, almost looking forward to seeing him and show myself off to him. Maybe over the weekend

  • This morning I saw my brother in just tight boxers looking for some clothes that had been drying. Again, his package looks huge, and his ass so small and firm. I wanted to touch him, and I felt a warm feeling in my panties, he made me wet. What the fuck, this isn't normal!

  • It is totally normal.

  • He goes to the pool all the time, maybe I should go with him, rather than rely on holiday memories??

  • Are you saying I should accept these thoughts in my head and masterbate thinking of my brother in his swimming trunks????

  • The thoughts in your head are normal, most people have the same thoughts about their siblings. What you're feeling is ok and nothing to worry about.

  • Ok the thoughts may be normal, but if they stay an my head I either go crazy or cross the line, how far does normal go??
    I already was touching myself eairler thinking of his body, just through panties, not full masterbation, just passing the time lol

  • Every sister or brother goes through this, it is part of growing up. Many siblings experiment with each other which is natural.

  • Experiment ?? Like what, kissing, hugging, nudity, mutual masterbation? What's normal
    Too many fucking hormones is the problem, and no sex (with a bf not brother)

  • You can experiment in any way you like. I don't think anyone really knows what normal is. There is nothing wrong with kissing , hugging or anything sexual with your brother.

  • You need to masturbate while thinking of your brother often to get you more comfortable with the idea. I know your brother has a good idea of what your body looks like from your skimpy bikini. He'd like to see you out of it also. Just imagine that big cock of his inside your pussy, filling it completely, playing with your clit as your brother pounds your dripping wet pussy.

  • Do you really think my brother has masterbated thinking of me in the pool in my bikini? I am aware it didn't hide much. I would like to think he hasn't, but he is a boy so would believe it if he had. I really fucking hope my dad hasn't!

  • Hi yes they will have masturbated thinking of your hot tight body busting out of your tiny bikini I did when my daughter showed all in a red bikini

  • Fuck, are you saying my dad may have also wanted over me? That's so wrong

  • Why is it wrong?

  • Yes he definitely has

  • Urgh, now I have this vision of my dad stood in front of me wanking over me in my bikini, and cuming on me, it's gross, he probably has the same thought but loves it right?

  • Why gross. Its human nature.

  • Urgh really, who do you think does it more and how often? Why is it human nature, shouldn't he think of mum, and have sex with her, urgh another thought I didn't want

  • Its human nature because we are wired to think this way and he probably does think about your mum, but he can think about you as well.

  • I guess if I look like her when they met if he didn't find me attractive I wouldn't exist if you follow me, so maybe I shouldn't panic so much, and focus on my brother

  • Sounds like a good idea.

  • And that totally normal.

  • Oh I’m sure both daddy and brother have had a look through the crack in the bathroom door while you shower. Their hard cock meat in hand rubbing a massive cum load out just thinking of what it would be like to pound that hot tight young pussy or ass of yours.
    Shit now I need to go have a wank thinking of you

  • How can you have a wank over me in my bikini? You don't know what I look like!
    Plus, who are you, how old r u?

  • Its very common to be sexually attracted to a sibling.

  • Justthink of him getting in that pool and swimming around with you. He corners you getting closer and hints at you to look down. He has a large hard on pointing straight at you. You pull your top down showing your boobs to him and he touched your nipples. As he’s lowered down to fuck in them you feel his hand slide between your legs over your pussy. You feel him slide the material to the side and him starting to slide fingers into you

  • I already have his body and those trunks in my head don't make it worse! I was masterbating last night and he popped in to my head, and I started thinking about what he would look like erect. I had to stop, so haven't slept well, and had to finish of quickly this morning before school. This could be a problem, I need a crush at school or something to be in my head instead of my brother.
    (Really glad this is anonymous, I would die if anyone I knew found out about my thoughts. Sharing is helping thought)

  • I feel the same a release if sexual desire though I still do get turned on by the thought of my daughters big boobs and round butt

  • Its normal to be sexually attracted to your daughter.

  • Is it? Why??

  • Quite often your daughter will look similar to your wife. Most dads absolutely adore their daughters, so its only natural to be attracted to them.

  • I do look like my mum at my age, accept prettier lol and without the hairstyles of the time lol

  • Exactly.

  • If I look like my mum I guess it is ok as I am only here because he wanted to have sex with her when she looked like me lol

  • What you are feeling is totally normal. It is ok to be sexually attracted to your brother and i'm sure he is attracted to you. If you want to have sex with your brother its ok as long as you use protection.

  • My sister was on the pill so free to cum deep inside her every time

  • Mine was too. Its the best way.

  • What? I don't want to have sex with my brother!
    I just find it difficult to turn off natural female feelings, so I am conflicted, its like 'hot guy , ew brother' . If he was just a boy at school I would be ok I would probably fancy him, or if he was someone else's brother, again ok, just not my brother.

  • I thought that about my sister but to date I cant get out of my head how good the sex was and I want her again x

  • Sex between a brother and sister is totally great

  • Why not? Theres nothing wrong with it.

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