When I was 24 my cousin came down to my area to see our grandma, so I took a drive to she her it had been awhile. She was several years older then me, she was the meaning of the word voluptuous with huge hips and a**! Her B**** were enormous, the last time I saw her she wasn't that shapely! But hey I wasn't thinking of having that kinda fun with her, she did want to get out of grandmas for awhile so we went to a place got beers and some food. We started to play pool and her bending over I couldn't help but notice her special qualities.. She started showing off the more drinks she had dancing and shaking her a**! She grabbed my package and said she wanted to see my c***! I felt the blood rush from my head. A few minutes later I went to the bathroom, while standing there at the urinal I thought a guy just walked in, bout that time I get this hand reach around and grab my d*** and her voice saying how much she likes it! So we started making out like high school kids.. she was married but I was single and both of us adventurous.. we left, on our way to get a cheap motel room she couldn't keep her hands to herself and I couldn't concentrate enough to drive! We pulled over into a parking lot so we could have at each other, at that point she started saying all kinds of kinky things asking me if I'd done this or done that.. she asked me if I wanted to see her tattoo, hell yeah, she pulls up her dress puts the light on a little black spade with a Q on it, yea so what's up with that I say? She says that's her Queen of Spades tattoo showing black men she's up of fun! Wow oh my god what's your husband think of that? She told me he is a cuckold, does whatever she wants and then cleans her up orally after parties! Well this got me so freaking horny I couldn't stand it we never made the motel we f***** right there, she kept telling bout gang bangs she'd done and all kinds of kinky stuff she does, she said let's go to the store, I didn't know why she wanted to stop making out and go to the store but ok let's go to the store. Then she keeps on saying no not that store, oh no not that store either, until we got to one in a pretty run down part of the city, we get out the car, go into the corner store her b**** hanging out of her bra n****** poking out and her dress hanging open a little bit. She starts talking with a black guy in the back of the store she shows him her tattoo and he invites us to his place to party, when we got to his place she was so wet and stripping her clothes off before we got out the car she walks nude into his apartment where his friend and roommate are hanging out playing games, they almost fell over seeing her walking through the door! We all got naked and she worked all night long on our c****, one in her mouth, one in each hand and one in her p****! She was really fun able to play all night long! We had a blast and in the morning I took her back to grandmas doing the Walk of Shame with the fresh f***** look and man juice dripping down her legs.. this was one of the best times I've had!

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  • I hope you were on meth. This sounds pretty methy.

  • It was great until you left the motel with your cousin. It was good that you all got some action, but it would have been so much hotter if you could have just fucked the shit out of your cousin until the next morning. She really should have wiped that cum off her leg and pussy. Nothing like showing gramma what a slut you are.

  • You realize you can say the following on this site right: "pussy, ass, fuck, tits, breast, cum, nipples"

  • Are you fucking kidding me? lol

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