Irene Rose Wee

Irene my darling, I love the smell of your used cream-colored, flower-patterned, satin, seamless high-waist girdle panties from wacoal. Pressing the part where your pussy is against my nose after you wear it the whole day makes me so hard. I came so hard.

3 months ago

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      I want to fuck you Irene. Send me your pics

    • I have a pair of pink flowered crotch-less panties. Anyone wants to do anything with them while I spread my thighs? Fantasize...

    • I just got a new pair of poppy flowered hi waist panties from Her Room on line. Love all the new colors and prints.

    • I absolutely love Wacoal panties and girdles, have several different styles and colors. My wife and I both wear them. And yes, I eat my cum off hers.

    • That’s so hot, want to see the panties you have

    • I love panty talking and showing off my collection of soft and sexy lingerie. Not into bras, could never figure out why guys wear them but each to their own. I’m not gay but do have a feminine side to me, I just like the idea of other guys seeing me in panties.

    • I love wearing panties of women I wanna fuck
      And I love how their panties feel. I wore a pair out to meet a friend and almost forgot I had them on but the material rubbing against my cock was so good when I did remember

    • I wear panties everyday, don’t own a pair of those heavy men’s underwear. I was outside with some friends drinking beer and some us got up to take a leak behind the garage. I unzipped and without thinking pulled my electric blue shiny panties down to get to my dick. One of my friends eyes went wide open when he saw them.
      He never said a word

    • Wow, but he must be wtf. ha.

    • Wtf ?
      I am sure he told his wife, never has looked at me the same. Who cares any how, if they asked I’d tell them and show them as well. After all , men wearing panties is not a big deal compared to all the other stuff happening today.

    • You are right. I want to wear my mom-in-laws used panty. She gives it to me after the whole day wearing it and we go out together for dinner. Her knowing I’m wearing her used panty is such a turn on

    • I guess that depends on what your mother in law looks like.
      Does she actually give you her panties to wear ? Or are you just wishing?
      Nothing wrong with putting on used panties, I don’t think twice about doing it. I found a pair left at a community pool and couldn’t wait to get on on, I still have them.

    • I’m just wishing. Wishing that comes home after a long day and let’s me watch her lift her skirt up, roll her Pantygirdle down her sexy thighs and hands it to me and watches me put it on and rubs my cock from over the panties and kiss. We head out and I know she doesn’t have any panties on. My sexy Asian mom-in-law In a tight skirt

    • Wanna chat more with you

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