Girlfriend and friends dad

In College when I first started dating my girlfriend Kenzi she had previously confessed to me that she had a sexual relationship with a much older man. When we discussed it she told me he was one of her friends dad and it just happened unexpectedly and it continued for a while but it had been months since the last time. She said he was fit handsome and he knew how to just take what he wanted in other words took control. She said they first made out at his place at a party his family was giving.
He saw her and couldn’t take his eyes off her. Next thing they both disappear and he’s banging her behind a huge car shed he built. She sex was so spontaneous and he was very endowed.
Once again she was invited by her friend at the same location. We get there and without really catching on I notice the attention he is giving to her and how totally different she starts to act. I finally figure it out and unsure how to think and act. He’s making sure everyone’s having a great time with all the beer wine and alcohol. I lose track of her throughout the entire night. We finally meet back up around 10 when she tells me her an the girls will be gathering together again. After this I can’t seem to get ahold of her and notice she’s missing. Finally around 12:30 or something I see her and she’s feeling good. She’s ready to drink more but I’m thinking it’s a bad idea. So we leave in my car to go to the hotel when I ask her if he was the man she had an affair with. She giggles and says it was nothing. Moments later I ask her if they made out all that time she was gone and she giggled ...maybe! I was shocked and immediately got Rock hard. I asked her did he put his big cock in you ? And she moaned and started to rub my cock. I asked her did you fuck each other? She said what do you think ? I said let me touch you down there. Oh my when I went down to touch her and she was sloppy wet. I said you fucked each other didn’t you? And she said I also sucked him off. By this time we were in the hotel parking lot both wasted. I just attacked her and started French tonguing her deep. Then she says in a drunk voice mmmm... I’m going to get fucked twice tonight. We make it into our room where I peep down her dress and start kissing her and sucking her tits and there was the other proof. Her tits smelt like alcohol.
When I layed her down to put my cock in her I immediately slid in. It was so sloppy and it felt huge. It pissed me off but extremely aroused me that I came quickly.She then thought I was him and asked me if I wanted to fuck her doggie again. The entire night I had my way with her and tried to get her to tell me as much as she could about them fucking.


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  • I love when this happens. A lifetime of this with my hot wife when we were younger gives me a lot of material to J/O over now that I'm in my sixties. Savor the memory.

  • So fkn hot!

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