Licking Neighbour’s thong after her holiday

Meike the big ass slut, came back from her holiday with her husband. I miss her fucking sexy big ass. Was hoping that I’d find some unwashed thongs next to the washer. So when I came back? Went to the laundry room and saw her laundry bag and 5 used thongs. Could see the stains from her pussy and ass in her thongs.

Pressed it as hard as I could against my nose and took the scent in. That stale piss and pussy scent and ass scent too. I loved it. I had to lick it too. I want to lick her asshole so I guess licking her thongs where her ass was is good too. Hope she sat in them and her butt rubbed her thongs the whole day.

I took a pair home to sniff all I want. Thinking of going down and taking another pair. Do you think she will notice? Fuck you Meike, you fucking slut. I want to fuck you.

24 days ago


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    • Sniffing it as I read this.

    • Take a pair a month she won't notice. Sniff and lick them as much as you can before her scent fades. Either keep them or sneak them back into her laundry and take another pair. If it was me I would wank into them a couple of times when her scent has gone. With any luck she might feel they are a bit stiff and she may sniff them, she'll be smelling your cum. She might like the smell enough to not wash them and take them to her bedroom and rub her cunt with the and cover them with her pussy juice. Just make sure you get a pair to replace them, keep the sniffing/ wanking cycle going.
      You could also wear them for a few day to get your ass and piss smell on them, them dump your cum into them.
      With any luck she might catch you going through her panties and take you to her bedroom and sit on your face.

    • I want her to tell me she knows and loves it. then i tell her I want to lick her ass and pussy

    • I would lick her shit off her ass

    • She won't notice but at least you know how that pussy smell and taste.

    • Oh yes, love the stale scent of her pussy pressed against my nose.

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