I had a dream last night that my wife went out with a couple of girlfriends. She texted me that she would be coming home soon and she wants to indulge in one of my fetishes. She told me to look in the bag in her closet and change into the clothes and put a blindfold on, turn out the lights and lie on the bed. I looked in the bag and saw womend lingerie, so i put it on and lied on the bed with my blindfold on and lights off. Half hour or so later i hear her come in front door and start upstairs. She opens door slightly and asks if i followed her directions. I said yes trying to hide my excitement. I hear the light switch click on, i assume to see if i was lying, the door close, then i heard giggling. She had invited her friends in to see me. I was embarassed yet growing hard each second.

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  • I would have loved wearing all her lingerie and the fact that she brought her friends over to see me dressed up in lady's lingerie would have been a major turn on for me. When I was a young teen, I loved dressing up in mom's underwear and I would during the summer months invite several of the younger boys and girls in my neighborhood to come over and we'd go into my mom's bedroom and I would strip naked and then in front them I put on mom's silky panties, her garter belt and black hose, one of her control panties, a short half slip and her bra. All the kids loved watching me dress up like a girl, and then afterwards we'd all strip n I was able to suck their cocks and puppies.

  • I had a dream I was a hucow. Hooked up to a milking machine, getting seeded from behind by a big insemenator. But when I woke up it was just my friend fucking me and tugging on my tits.

  • That’s fucked up. She was trying to prove what a pussy she married. I would have a Mandingo waiting for her one night

  • It was a dream..... more like his fantasy.

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