Naughtiest thing I have ever done

My friend brought me over to his grandmothers house one weekend to do a bunch of yard work, I knew it ahead of time and was happy to help him. She tried paying both of us for the work and I refused telling her that I was not going to accept payment for the work.
The following summer my friend had moved out of state, his mom contacted me and asked me if I wanted to make some money taking over for him, she told me what I would have to do and I decided why not make some extra cash. She went with me the first time thinking that grandma would not recognize me and the introduction went fine with her remembering me so I got to work and saw his mom leave like an hour later.
I was trimming away on the hedges when she slid open a window on the house right in front of me. She had changed her shirt and was wearing this colored tank top, blue if I remember right. She had large full breasts and my eyes locked right onto her cleavage as she was leaning down asking me if I was hungry for some lunch. I told her sure and she told me she would call for me when it was ready, I continued cutting the hedge with the image of her breasts moving around and the view of her cleavage.
I guess it was fifteen minutes or so and I saw her waving to me I waved back and finished up trimming some then walked around back to the door, I noticed a plate with a sandwich and some other snacks to chose from but the first thing I noticed was that tank top again. Her nipples were pushing the fabric out and I could see the whiteness of her breasts at the bottom showing thru the stretched material. She walked over and stood just a few feet away from me and asked me if I wanted water or a soft drink. I kept my eyes pointed up at her face as I watched her turn and go to the fridge to get me a soft drink. I was thinking to myself that her breasts looked pretty firm for a woman in her 60's, I did my best to keep my eyes looking at my hands and plate while she walked back over with my drink but in my side vision I could see her nipples swaying around in that shirt. She already had a drink on the opposite side of the table and sat down to talk with me, she asked a few general questions about what I was doing since high school and if I was attending college locally. I did my best not to stare at her nipples just catching a glimpse of them now and then which I am sure she still knew was happening.
I finished up my lunch and told her thank you then mentioned that I should probably get the yard finished up, she was not ready for me to go yet though and told me that it was break time. I sort of stood there looking at her and told her that I was fine and she talked right over me asking me to follow her upstairs because she needed some help with something. We got to the top of the stairs and she walked into one of the bedrooms, she asked me to lie down on the bed, I felt like I was in some dream as I followed her requests.
She climbed up on the bed and started undoing my belt, I laid there staring down at her hands, watching as my zipper got pulled down. She told me to lift up my ass while she pulled down my pants and underwear in one swoop, leaving them in a bunch at my calves. She was no longer making eye contact but instead had a huge smile on her face as her hands went straight up my legs and wrapped around my cock. She gripped my head and pulled it straight up against my skin then her mouth went right over my balls and I flinched as she scooped them up with her tongue and began licking and sucking on them. Her breasts were straddling my thighs and after a few minutes of licking, sucking and stroking me she finally looked up at me and smiled with her chin resting on my shaft. She asked me if I liked what she was doing and I told her that it felt amazing then I asked her if she would take off her top, it came out like I was thinking it but sure enough I had asked it.
She smiled really big as she was pulling off the tank top, I could not believe the size of her nipples, her breasts swayed around but those nipples pointed out from them like an inch and they were thick. I felt them graze across my thighs as she went back down picking my cock up with her mouth and slowly sucking on it, she knew it was turning me on as she slowly rubbed her breasts across my thighs dragging her nipples across my skin. My cock was rock hard and felt amazing in her mouth, this was not my first blow job but it was definitely the most erotic, she knew how to pleasure a cock for sure. I started trying to hold back from having an orgasm but the sucking and stroking was to much for me, I moaned out that I was going to cum just in case she did not want to swallow but she just bore right down on my head and sucked harder. I was trying not to push myself into her mouth as I came and watched as her lips were pulling hard on me over and over, it was amazing looking at her gray hair and thinking this woman is the best I have had at sucking cock in my life.
She sucked and stroked me getting every bit out that she could, she even watched as she squeezed my shaft up and would quickly wrap her lips around the tip getting it. I laid there thinking this was so incredible then with a quick sounding voice she told me to get out there and finish up the yard so I could come back inside and have more sex.


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  • I think a return visit is in order. There's a particular bush which needs your attention.

  • I'm a mature woman, I have a young man who comes round and pleasures me we do everything together

  • That is sooooo hot! It's like radar or something that draws my eyes immediately to some nipples poking out, especially big nipples, regardless of the age. I'd be squeezing those tits, sucking on those big hard nipples, as I fucked her hard!

  • Enjoy every chance you can get with her as it will be the best sex of your life.

  • God I hope there is a update to this lol

  • You should fill her pussy up every chance you get.

  • Beautiful post.

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