Lil Cousin Rena

I have this younger cousin named Rena, who I wish to fuck so badly. She lives in a different city than me, but I like talking to her. One time we were talking online, and she sent me a picture of herself. I said I liked it and asked her to send me a picture without her shirt on. She laughed and sent me one of her in her bra, so I got rock hard instantly. Rena is so fucking fine, I wanna slap those cheeks. I asked her to send me another one without her bra on, she said to send her something first. So I got naked, and sent her a picture of my cock. She kind of got weirded out right away because we are related, but she asked for it. I went to her town to visit once and we spent a moment in a room together, I had business to take care of, so I had no time to play. But that moment I saw her laying down on my bed, I wanted to throw those legs up and eat her out. I know she likes be because we still talk all the time, I wish I can fuck her so bad. She just happens to be coming to my city soon, so maybe this is my chance.

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  • I want to ask her to send me a picture, but Im afraid she will get offended? or maybe she will.Idk

  • Did Rena ever send you a picture of her naked tits since you sent her a picture of your cock ? Even though she got more than she expected, I think she owed you a shot of her titties.

  • My cous was my first

  • Id love to bang my cousin shes sexy. Probably blow her mind.

  • I'm pretty sure she down with it, just need to wait for the right time.

  • The next time you’re alone with her just go for it. I ended up alone with my cousin somehow at Thanksgiving one year, he kissed me out of nowhere. I kissed back. Next thing I know my panties are shoved to one side and he’s inside me just pumping away.

  • So was that the only time you let your cousin's hard cock inside your pussy? Did you really like it, and how old were you two? That sounds so hot.

  • We were teenagers. I loved it. That was just the first time, we fucked a few times after that. One time we were both staying with our grandparents and we “stayed up late to watch TV.” We just fucked all night long.

  • Maybe I should go for it. I think she'd totally be down.

  • She sounds young. How old is she? Take your time and make it great for her too. Start by just feeling her out, and then work up to sucking on her pretty pussy, and make her cum. Then start all over again and work up to your getting to bury your hard cock into her tight, beautiful pussy. Then she won't be able to get enough of you or your hard cock.

  • Give her loads of compliments

  • Slam her

  • I feel like if I told her she wouldn't talk to me, or maybe hate me? im not sure

  • Get it

  • Tell her how you feel

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