I was talking to this girl online for awhile and things were good. We finally decided to meet up n go out on a date. We met up n had dinner and the usual then went back to my place. She was umbelievably hot too. Normal D cup tits and a nice thick ass. She had on a hot pink dress and white stockings (a turn on of mine). We talked n had a few drinks and then things got good. We kissed for a bit and things got heated. She rips my pants off n starts sucking my cock. And wow did she kno how. If i wouldnt have been so drunk i would have blew already. Well i started undressing her and as i pulled down her panties the biggest cock ive ever seen popped out. I was totally caught off guard and i coukd tell she was nervous. Well me being the absolute freaky horndog that i am i decided to keep goin. I looked up at her as i put my mouth around her big hard cock. She immeadiately moaned in delight. I sucked it like i knew what i was doing. She ran her fingers thru my hair n then grabbed my hair n held me still and started thrusting her big dick down my throat. God i was so hard. She said she was gonna cum and i told her i wanted it on my face. She pushed her dick into what felt like my stomach a few times and then pulled out and stroked hot thick ropes of cum all over my face. Making sure to have my mouth open i took a whole mouthful as well and swallowed it. Bfor she could even say anything i got up and bent her over and stuck my also pretty big dick in her ass. She squealed as i pounded her deep. I was so turned on i didnt last long at all. I said im gonna fill ur ass with my seed and just let it fly. Pumping my load into her thick ass. As i pulled out and she turned around she was still rock hard. Then she said its my turn. Im not really down for all that but tonight i was down for anythung it seemed. She pushed me back on the bed and crawled between my legs. She said dont worry ill b easy and rubbed cum from her ass on her dick and then slowly forced it in my ass. Her huge dick took my breath away. She leaned in and kissed me as she pumped me slow. I love dirty talk so i told her to call me a sissy bitch and such. It began to feel so good. She must have liked it too bcuz she began fucking me harder. I came all over myself several times. She said she was gonna cum soon and said she was cumming inside me. I told her to kiss me when she came. She scooped up my cum that was all over my belly and put it in her mouth. Then with a mouth full of cum she moans out im gonna breed ur guts baby and leans in and kisses me. As we r rubbing our tongues together swapping my cum around she buries her cock in my ass and unleashes all of her cream deep into my virgin ass. Once i sobered up we talked and i decided i liked what happened and we ended up together. Shes been blowing her load in my ass for 2 years now and nobody knows. Shes so hot she truly does look like a beautiful woman

10 months ago

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    • Gross

    • My fantasie made my cock hard reading this.

    • Lucky tucker what site you meet her on.

    • Just facebook. Shes as hot as any regular female ive ever seen. Not even the best eye would b able to tell. The only way to tell is that big fat 10 inch cock. Nothing hotter than a beautiful blowing her load deep in ur ass

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