I never realized how crazy she was

My mom probably had some sort of mental disability but I will never know because she passed away when I was about thirteen, I am in my late fifties now. My dad was killed in a workplace accident and the lawyers had set up a trust fund so I guess that is how she made it all those years without losing everything.
She always had a crazy way of dealing with things and she was always very sexual with all of the things she did, I had no idea just how much until I started reading books and talking with people in my late teens.
I knew what felt good though and she always rewarded me with sexual pleasure, I would get blow and hand jobs regularly just for doing simple chores. I had a list of chores to do just about everyday which was not as much as it sounds like, I mean every Thursday I had to gather up the trash and get it out to the end of the driveway. When I was finished she would tell me thanks and then tell me to open up my pants for my reward.
She did this for years and for some reason I never thought to ask my friends at school about it, I really did not have any close by friends as we lived out pretty rural and she would not let me ride my bike down the road.
Some days she would just do it for no reason at all, she would just tell me that I have been a great kid today or some other praise then tell me to drop my pants and sit on the couch or lay down on my bed.
I can remember some Saturdays were she gave my penis so much attention it was sore when I went to bed at night. I often got awakened by her already sucking on me and would lay there and watch in the low light as her head just moved all over sucking on me.
Some days she would be naked just walking around the house or doing things she did for chores, I saw her naked quite often but never thought anything of it. She let me look at her all I wanted to and never told me to not touch her, she even showed me how her nipples became erect and then asked if I wanted to make the other one erect.
She also did not care if I watched her shower or just walked right into her room when she was changing her clothes, she rarely closed any doors at all.
She passed away and I went to live with my Aunt and Uncle in Wisconsin, they were really great to me and I never brought up any of it with them. I learned about things on my own and came to the realization years later just how messed up she was but looking back on it she never hurt me and was always really happy.


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  • I was around fourteen when my mom told me one night she was going out with some friends and would be home late. I ended up falling asleep on the couch and woke up at like three in the morning feeling like I was going to pee myself. She was on the couch straddling my legs and had pulled the front of my sweats down, all I could see was her long hair moving around as her head bobbed up and down. When she finished she just got up and told me it was time for bed and I could smell the cigarette and alcohol wafting behind her as she made her way down the hallway. I stood in her doorway as she stripped down to nothing on and climbed into bed.
    The next morning she was totally normal again and asked me what I did last night while she was gone, I told her not much just watched tv and fell asleep on the couch. She said a few more things then told me she did not even remember getting home last night and going to bed. I sat there wondering how she could be so functional and do something like suck me off and not remember a thing about it. It never happened again but I sure wished it did, I would watch for her getting dropped off and lay out on the couch pretending to be asleep but she would just either cover me up or wake me up to go to bed.

  • If my mom was blowing me topless, I would be watching her great tits as much as her blowing my cock. I know I would cum quickly seeing such a sight, then I'd get on top of her and fuck her pussy good.

  • If my mom walked around naked with a body like hers, I wouldn't have been able to resist fucking her. I would consider it the same as asking for it. Catching her while she was changing the bed would be the best.

  • That’s still pretty fucked up unless you made this up.

  • If any of this BS is true, your mother was definitely mentally ill. You should get some therapy, because you were abused, and will likely abuse others, because you have normalized this shitty behavior.

  • I think mother and son intimacy it absolutely fine. He said he was always happy and he was never hurt by it. So why therapy if its not a problem?

  • My step mom started teasing me when I was 12. She would wear sexy clothing and walk around in her panties and bra. By the time I was 14 she would leave the door open when she showered and got dressed. This all happened while my dad was at work. One day I was walking by her room and the door was open. She was completely naked. I couldn't stop looking. I just stood there watching her. She walked over to me, grabbed me by the hand and led me to her bed. She stripped me naked and started sucking me. I came almost instantly. This was my first time with anybody. I was 14. After I came she started playing with herself. I watched her until she came. I was rock hard again so she layed me on my back and rode me. She came while she rode me and let me cum inside of her. After that day we fucked almost everyday for years. I am 30 and married now but we still fuck every chance we get.

  • You don't tell us when this sexual activity started, but presumably, it was after your father died. I'll bet the grief of losing her husband and subsequent unmet sexual needs were just transferred onto you.
    She must have died young, so it wasn't natural causes. I'm guessing it was alcohol-related. Am I right?

  • I know this was directed at the Op but you just described my best friend's mother to a tee when we were growing up. His father was killed in a car accident when he was around 11. His mother went off the deep end and after a few months became very sexual towards him and myself when I would spend the night. At first it was seemingly innocent things like her bending over in a loose shirt showing off her braless tits but became more blatant , sitting with her legs parted with nothing on under her nightgown. It eventually lead to her rubbing her ass against us while she" taught" us to dance. Then her hand running inside our shorts and stroking us. Eventually there were no more games and she just went to jerking us off moving to her sucking us. My friend would always be extremely embarrassed after it happened and beg me never to tell anyone. I think the final act of her having both of us in her bed with her taking both our virginities the same night may have been what truly pushed her over the edge. The found her in the shed a few days later where she had hanged herself.

  • That’s some fucked up shit!

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