All started with a simple ad

I had been without a good cock sucking for many months, my wife just told me one day even after she had just given me a great blow job that it just did not turn her on anymore. She has never even played with my cock since and even though I have asked and tried to make love to her she just does not want it. We are in our mid to late fifties and I have been pulling my hair out, along with my cock, trying to just masturbate and not cheat on her.
I was looking at porn one day and ended up on this site reading ads for men seeking men, I read these ads thinking this sounds way to good to be true. I mean they sounded great, men wanting to just suck a cock and some were even wanting older guys. I responded to a few of them and one of them responded back just minutes after I emailed him. He told me my picture looked great and what time did I want to come over, he told me some more about his set up. It looked like a sheet a plywood put up over a doorway but I was just so horny that I did not care, what did I have to lose by going over there and just checking it out.
I walked into the fenced in area fully expecting two huge dogs to run around the corner and chew my leg off but I got to the side door without incident, I walked in slowly with visions of a baseball bat hitting me upside the head and my wallet and car gone when I woke up. I looked around and it was nice, more organized than mine for sure, one car parked in there. I looked over and saw the same set up as in the picture, painted over plywood in a doorway with a large slot and darkness on the other side.
I stood there for several seconds staring at it then a low voice told me that he was ready whenever I was, no worries I just want to pleasure you. I came there wearing sweats and shorts for easy access figuring if I was not comfortable pulling them up would be quick, I finally worked up my nerve and lowered my sweats then with eyes closed and praying for no injury to my cock I stuck it thru the slot.
Fingers were on it even as I was still settling against the wood, my balls were getting felt and quick light strokes up and down my cock were making it hard. I then felt the warm of his mouth surround the head and lightly suck me in and out. I stiffened against the wall as his tongue and lips worked my cock giving me feelings not even my wife had in our whole marriage. I felt pressure against my pubic hair and the head of my cock was being pulled harder and squeezed tighter, he would pull off of it with a long slurping sound then go right back down again and I realized that the tightness was his throat.
My cock is just under seven inches long and I had never been so deep into a mouth before now, I must admit that even in college I was only with two women and I married one of them. He pushed my cock upward and I felt his tongue licking my balls then he lightly sucked one of them into his mouth while massaging it with his tongue. He let them go with a pop which gave me a slight tingle but felt okay, he slid his tongue back up to my head and swallowed me down over and over sucking on me like I had never experienced, right on the edge of to hard but the feeling of complete pleasure.
He had said in the email that I would be sucked to completion and even more if I wanted so I kept myself against the wall moaning out as I came still feeling the hard sucking motions gripping my cock. My legs buckled as I struggled to stay up but he never quit sucking, he had my balls in one of his hands just massaging them lightly and I managed to let him go a few minutes beyond my orgasm before I told him I had to stop. My legs just could not stand it anymore and when I pulled my cock out it was soaked with saliva and the head was red from all the sucking. He told me to put it back thru the hole and he would wipe me off, I did so and felt the towel wrap around me and then to my amazement he gave my head a last suck then dried it off.
I pulled back out and slid my sweats back up still breathing hard, he told me my cock was awesome and would I be interested in coming back again either later today or tomorrow. I asked him what time tomorrow and replied with a time quickly, I showed up and got the same treatment as before and have gone there numerous times.


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  • I want so bad for another male to suck me off as much as possible as I am in my mid 50’s great shape but wife has lost interest or is getting it from an old friend. I don’t know but I’m just afraid of disease.
    I’m very good looking and can still get my flirting down with middle aged females just feel like I don’t want a relationship just give me head. I would also love to suck on an average sized cock who is young and DFree

  • The best cock suckers are men. You wont regret it and you wont ever let a woman near your cock again.

  • You won't regret it if you find a very proud cocksucker. they are angels IMO! LIFE SAVERS FOR SURE!!!

  • Best head i ever got came from an ad as well...... Consider going back but don't think i could call myself straight if i went more than one as i'd no longer be "curious". AHHHH FUCK IT, I'm gonna go back and let him suck me silly, I LOVED IT!

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