Curious guy

I’m a mid 20s guy. Straight but I’ve always been curious. I like to keep myself in shape and go swimming most mornings.

I went out on night over the Festive period and got incredibly drunk. Nothing happened on the night out but I say that because I think I may have still be drunk in the morning when I got to the pool. I went swimming to try and get rid of the hangover and was doing lengths but had to keep stopping. I stopped for a while at one end when I guy doing lengths stopped too. Looked to be a tall guy, in great shape with a magazine style six pack. Anyway we’re chatting away and I tell him about my night out. He asks ‘did you leave the girl in bed this morning then? Good looking guy like you must’ve pulled someone right?’ Just a bit of banter back and forth and, as I hadn’t pulled anyone, he goes ‘i’d have been over to you straight away if I saw you in a club.’ I asked if he was gay and he said he was. I must’ve hesitated Or looked down his body as his tone changed in an instant.

I honestly can’t tell you what we talked about for the next 10 minutes but it ended with him having his hand on my dick and my getting very aroused. He told me to follow him to the changing rooms and we went into one of those family changing rooms and he began to suck my dick. It was amazing. Halfway through the BJ he is reaching through my legs and massaging my hole, he spits on his fingers and then reaches back again and slowly slides a finger in while staring me in the eye, my cock still deep in his throat. Fuck me did itfeel good. I could’ve exploded right there. However, as I was getting to that point he stops, stands up and starts kissing me. If I wasn’t so in the moment I may have been a little freaked out as it’s the first time I’ve kissed a guy but I went with it. The next thing I know though he is trying to force me to my knees to his cock. I resist and pull back from the kiss and he grabs my hand and puts it down his shorts and says ‘you didn’t think you’d get a free blowie did you?’ Back to kissing for a bit and then I’m down on my knees staring this fat dick in the face about to give my first blowjob. I start and after 10 seconds get right in to it. I don’t know if I was any good but he had his hand on my head and was thrusting a little.

He pulls my head off and stands me up and starts to encourage me to turn around and face the wall. I do thinking he might rim me or something but Then I feel his wet fingers rubbing my hole again and then see his feet position behind me. I go to stand up but he holds my head down and I feel his cock head, fresh with my spit, press against my hole. I tell him to stop and he says ‘it’ll be ok.’ The pain was unreal as my recently fingered asshole give way to his cock and he slides slowly in. It eases but I’m still biting my hand when he starts slowing thrusting in and out. I have to admit it started to feel good but only after 5 minutes and I didn’t have long enough to enjoy it before he pushed all the way in, deeper than he had before, pulled me back and grunted as he released inside me. I swear I could feel this hot load building inside.

He stayed there for a few seconds as we both panted and then pulled out. We got dressed and he said that he’d see me again. It wasn’t until later that I realised I didn’t even get to cum. I was just used for the first time.

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