Pakistani Girl from NY

So I met a Pakistani girl from online dating, the site was called Plenty of Fish. She seemed really cute and had a nice ass but was missing a toe (thank God I do not have a foot fetish). I think it was a medical condition or something.

Anyway, I met her at Palisades Mall and after only our first date I was in car, sucking on her nipples.

We continued talking over the phone, and I knew our second date would be hotter than our first.

We met up, and once again, we were in the backseat of her car in the parking lot of Palisades Mall.

We made out and I pulled out my cock. She jerked it off and then said “don’t cum in my mouth.”

I said ok, no worries.

She then started to lean over and suck me off. This was the best blowjob in public I ever had. She deepthroated me like nothing and said “I can manage this.”

I laughed it off as she started licking my balls and then going back to suck hard on the head of my cock. I never felt it get so hard before, it was like she knew how to roll her tongue around my dick while bobbling her dead up and down like a fucking professional dicksucker.

This went on for at least 5 minutes and she had my dick wet with all her spit. This girl was freaking hot at giving blowjobs.

I remember thinking, wow, a 30 something year old Pakistani girl, who should have been married with kids, went out with me to suck dick for a night - haha.

Anyway she pulled my cock out as I started to moan then I ejaculated my cum all over my belly and shirt. She kissed for stomach and licked my balls again.

We talked, and called it a night. Things didnt work out but I still remember Sarahs backseat blowjobs, haha!

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  • She did have a hairy bush but I did not get to fuck her. She thought she was too good but she was great a giving backseat blowjobs.

  • A wonderful experience you had. It's a shame you didn't get to fuck her. I bet she had a nice hairy bush? I hate shaved pussy because they often don't get shaved EVERY day. I hate pussy stubble on my clean shaven face.

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