I kept pushing my fiance

We had been dating for almost a year when I asked her to marry me, kissing and some hand touching under her shirt was as far as I had gotten with sex. She was pretty adamant that there was not going to be any sex going on until after we were married because she promised her parents to remain a virgin until the blessed event.
I wanted badly to see what she looked like naked, I wanted to know what sex was going to be like with her because I was not a virgin at all and while she was the loveliest woman I had ever seen in my life I just wanted to know. She was holding the line one night and she finally just asked me why was I pushing her so much to have sex when she had already told me why not. I told her what I was thinking about and she just looked at me and told me fine, you want to see what I look like nude and you want to know how if I like sex.
She told me she did not know how she liked sex because other than masturbation she has not had it yet, I asked her about oral sex and she did not even know what it was until I told her. She looked at me sort of with this deer in the headlights look and told me that it sounded like a lot of fun and she would not be loosing her virginity. I am not kidding here, she was really naïve when we got together.
She asked me if she did this for me would I be okay with not having intercourse and I told her absolutely yes. We started kissing and touching again and soon we were both nude, I loved her breasts and nipples and even though she did not want to have intercourse I was completely satisfied just letting her blow me.
She started out slow and I started telling her what to do and how it felt, she followed my wishes over and over several times a week and I could tell just by the way this was working out that sex was going to be awesome with her.
Our honeymoon could not come fast enough and as soon as we got into the hotel room she was like an animal and we had sex for a few hours straight. I think I had three orgasms myself to her countless ones, the first time I went down on her she was gasping and moaning then screaming with pleasure as I licked her to several orgasms. Her eyes had been opened to feelings she had never had in her life and she wanted more for sure. She still loves it all to this day and I am one happy guy in that respect for sure.

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  • So you had a normal relationship with a normal sex life. Wow. So tittilating.

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