Soft Sucking...

Am I the only woman like this? I discovered sex pretty early in life. It wasn't actual sex but it was "sexual". I accidentally saw my Dad naked after a shower. He had a big floppy fat dick. Seeing that did something to me forever.

When I got to be teen and sex became of real interest to me, I loved looking at guys dicks when they were soft but when they got hard, it turned me off...

I found out that if I sucked thee boy off right away, sometimes their dicks would stay soft and I loved it and I found out I LOVED sucking soft dicks! I really didn't even want to screw, although I loved having my nipples and pussy sucked!

When I was 17, I met a guy, Jackson, who was 23 and perfect for me. He had a dick that looked just like my Dad's! It was really fat and floppy even when it was soft and I loved sucking on it soft. I would make him come right away (he didn't mind!) because he was REALLY big when he was hard and like I said, for some reason, hard dicks turn me off and what turns me on are soft dicks, especially BIG, FAT soft dicks!

So I would make him come and then suck on his soft dick for an hour or two, then he would lick and suck me for a while until I would have an orgasm and then I would HAVE to suck on him!

I eventually met an older guy, Jack, who was PERFECT for me. He had ED problems but I didn't care because his dick was LONG and THICK when it was soft. It filled my mouth up perfectly and I could even deepthroat him because it's WAY easier to deepthroat a soft dick and I LOVED how it felt! I would suck his dick for a couple of hours and he would come in my mouth without getting hard. I LOVED IT! I never saw his dick hard but it was over 9 inches when it was "happy". It was perfect for him too because he LOVED being sucked more than anything.

I don't know what I'm going to do because our relationship can't last forever because he's so much older but for now, we're a perfect match!

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  • Do you enjoy precum as well

  • You're not the only woman like that! I'm the same way! I LOVE the way they feel soft in my mouth and then they get hard. Then they fuck me and after they come, they're nice and soft and I'll suck on a guy for hours when he's soft (especially if they're big and fat!)

  • Good for you!

  • You need to visit a glory hole and suck all those soft cocks and keep moving on

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