My friends grandfather

I would always go over to my friends house because her mother was a lot less strict than mine, that and she did not have two little brothers. Her grandfather lived with them and she gave me a heads up that he was a bit of a touch and grabber. The word back then was senile and but he was pretty nice otherwise just seemed to not have his hands under control, my friend and her mom just ignored it but during hugs and anytime you got close to him he was not shy about touching butts and boobs.
He used to stare at my boobs whenever I was over and he managed to touch me a few times when I was not paying attention, they would scold him but it did no good so most of the time he was regulated to his bedroom when company was over.
My friend and I were in our first year of college and one day it was just her and I at her house with her grandfather. She told me that he was in his room now and she was going to go take a shower, she asked if I would just keep an eye on him and make sure he did not get into trouble. I told her to take her time I can handle the man no problem. I walked into his room and made some small talk sitting in a chair by his bed. I could hear the shower going upstairs and I looked at him sitting there looking well below my eyes. I stood up and walked out to the windows looking in the driveway to make sure no one came home then went back to his room.
I walked right up next to his bed and lifted up my shirt and bra, his eyes went really wide open and his hands came up immediately and he rubbed them all over my breasts and nipples. He was humming out some sort of song as he played with my boobs, he never stopped playing until I backed up. I heard him mumble out a thank you and I went back out really quick to check the driveway again. I came back and dropped my pants down and bent over in the same spot next to his bed, I felt his hands touching me again and he ran them all over and under. I stood there for a good five minutes with my legs as far apart as my pants would let me listening for the shower to quit upstairs. He felt up everything and even had a few fingers pushing against my lips trying to get inside me, he had a great time fondling me.
Whenever I came over he would wink at me and smile, I would always let him feel me up any chance I had, it was not to often but I probably did it five or six times over a few years. Her mom told me one time that he sure has a crush on me because he always perks up when I am over at the house. I do not think he ever told anyone about me letting him do that to me but who knows maybe they just did not believe him.


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  • My grandfather was the same way and when I was in my late teens he was sitting in his chair and just told me my breasts were getting big. I was embarrassed at first but realized a few days later that he was not of sound mind either. I started letting him see them by wearing loose shirts around him and bending over, I got so turned on by it that I started letting him touch me also.
    He loved it all but could never remember our names.

  • You naughty sexy girl, you should have let him fxxk you!!

  • I love grabby old men. Always trying to get in my clothes. When my husbands grandfather is around I always let him suck my titties.

  • Mmmmm good girl, I want that when I get old

  • My daughters a carer 23 busty love the idea of old men touching her even fucking her x

  • My wife is a cater and looks after a guy that is graby. I’ve often fantasied about her letting him feel her up or her teasing him

  • I would have bent you over and gave it to you hard. I would make sure you came over all the time so I could dump my seed deep inside of you

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