Sexy encounter with optometrist

I recently went for my annual eye exam, something I quite like because the room is calm and dark and I listen to my very attractive optometrist softly asking if it's better with this lense or that lense.
Last time I went she needed to look in the back of my eyes and got out her little device. She had been flirting with me up to this point and then she went further. She bent over to look in to my eyes, but instead of resting her hand on the chair she put it on my leg really high up. I could smell her sexy perfume as she got in close, "look left ... Look right... Look up... Look down" as I looked down I could see her top was undone and I had a full view of those lovely firm tits (c or d). I assumed the button had just come undone but then she said " I know you are enjoying the view but I need you to look up again". Ok so this was intentional. "Now the other eye" she said. Normally she would swap her eyes to be at the side, but she didn't, now her face is nearly touching mine. Same procedure but then her lips touched mine, "oops I am sorry, free kiss" she said. "No problem carry on" I said, so she just kissed me and went back to the exam. Embarrassingly I got a boner, and she noticed. As she got up she dragged her had across my trouser bulge and giggled.
She did her work as I sat awkwardly, praying my boner would go down before having to get up. She said I need to see you again Friday, and said "I can see you are excited already". Let's see what happens, but she is so God dam hot, and has that hot geek / naughty secretary look.
Can't wait

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  • Ok, so for those who are interested, I went back for my follow up, and she was looking hot. A floaty dress with a plunging neckline, showing quite a bit of her long legs and nice cleavage, but still ok as work atire. She told me she needed to look in my eyes again, so I took a seat and she dimmed the lights and I clocked her locking the door. I wanted to be sure I wasn't imagining things so threw her some compliments, and she started flirting with me. I told her I really enjoyed my last eye test and would like to have more with her.
    She went to do the looking in the eye thing but I could tell it was fake. Once again, left right up down. Nice view of her tits, and I noticed no bra. She smelled amazing, and I was getting a boner again. Again we moved to the other eye and oops free kiss, but this time followed by a very passionate kiss, and she climbed on me and straddling me she started grinding on my boner as we kissed. My hand ran up her leg to her upper thigh, were we about to have sex in an optometrists chair? .... No was the answer, she climbed off stroking my bulge as she went, and as she adjusted her dress and hair she said she had another appointment, hastily wrote her number down and ushered me out still nursing a semi. 'and my eyes' I said. 'oh they're fine, and beautiful'....

  • .... I called her that evening and we arranged a date, she wanted to go for champagne afternoon tea at this nice hotel, I agreed. When I arrived she was wearing a slinky long dress and looked devine, I felt underdressed and nervous. Tea was great, she was such a flirt and I couldn't take my eyes off her, she had me in the palm of her hand. When we were done I suggested a new cocktail bar nextdoor, and said I would go pay for the afternoon tea, but she said she had already on a visit to the bathroom. A hot date that pays, there must be a catch lol.
    We went for cocktails and got pretty drunk as the evening went on. We decided to leave before we got too drunk and spoiled it, I asked if I could walk her home and she said yes but that she was at the hotel. Oh I thought, must be married, she made an excuse of builders at her place, and I thought ' what the hell' .......

  • ..... In the hotel room she planted a huge kiss on me, then another and another, and in the passion we fell on the bed. Her cute glasses went askew so she took them off, and oh she looked even prettier. Just then she jumped up like she did in the optometrists room, and I thought she was going to ask me to leave but instead she slipped the dress off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. She stood in front of me in just red lace panties, the most beautiful sight I had ever seen, such a slender beautiful body, I was speechless. She slid the panties down and stood back up, she was totally shaved / waxed, and had such a pretty little innie pussy. I could barely breathe looking at her. Without style or grace I tore my clothes of and she straddled me, she moaned as she slid down on to my cock, and then rode me. I was trying hard not to come as she got louder and louder, finally she came, with almost a scream. She collapsed on me covered me in kisses, and laid down. I have a feeling it had been a while for her.
    We parted in the morning, I still don't know if I was a one night affair. I texted her last night, no response as yet, will let you all know

  • Oh my, giving you a view of her great tits, a kiss, and she knew you were excited to come back, sounds pretty promising to me. I would try to get a date with her. You might be the person she's looking for to fill her sexual needs.

  • I had a physical some years back and they called me up to either reschedule the day or I could switch doctors, I told them to switch the doctors. This beautiful forty something walked into the room and I had to admit I was seriously in lust right away. Luckily for me I had kept my underwear on under the gown so at least I was contained. She told me to stand up about midway thru the exam and drop my underwear down. She reached under the gown and began checking my testicles then had me do the cough test, my cock was erect in like ten seconds of her touching my balls. She made a comment after telling me everything seemed okay that I obviously do not have an ED problem and she even joked further by telling me if I can, pull my underwear back up.
    I tried to lighten my embarrassing situation by telling her that this is what happens when a beautiful woman is in my shorts. She laughed at that one and told me thanks for the compliment. We had dinner a few weeks later and have been together for a few years now.

  • I had an optometrist feel up my tits. He kept checking my eyes with one hand and the other hand went in to my blouse.

  • Did you enjoy it?

  • I loved it. I always love getting my tits touched.

  • Our family dentist had a habit of setting his tools on the napkin they clip to you and it lays on your chest. He was working on me once and numerous times he would set something down and touch my nipple area with it. I also remember that one time after he used gas on me my bra was out of place. I am sure that he slid his hand up and felt my breast up when I was out of it.

  • Did it make you wet?

  • I quit wearing a bra years ago. They just get in the way.

  • Keep us posted

  • Love the hot librarian look. id go get my eyes checked daily if i were you.

  • Lucky guy.

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