Moms friend

So I’m 44yr old woman confessing that I purposely watched my best girl friends 18yr old son rubbing his penis one night. He was in his room talking on the phone with his girlfriend about sex because I heard him moaning yet giggling. The hall way was dark as I walked towards his bedroom light showing slightly. He thought me and his mom left but she went to the store while I stayed. I kinda knew I was being nosey but I just wanted to hear the things teens talk about. I stood hidden waiting to hear things he said when I suddenly saw him walk across the room wearing tight white underwear, rubbing his huge looking fully erect penis. I knew he didn’t realize I was watching him just by the way he was acting. I suddenly felt my clit yearning for attention anticipating the moment. He walked away for sec and then I saw him sit down and get naked stroking himself. His penis was so thick I recall for younger guy and totally shaven bald I felt guilty but I couldn’t look away as he masturbated cumming a lot in his hand. I was wearing a loose short romper that day and remember seeing my pussy juice run down my thighs before I tip toed away to the bathroom. My thong was soaking wet overtaken by my swollen labia pulsating to each thought of his erect penis. I’ve never told anyone and still masturbate to that beautiful young thick cock inside my juicy pussy


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  • Mmm I bet your pussy smelled great that night...

  • So why don't you fuck him?

  • Because she had a brain not a walnut.

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