Ex wife

Always wanted to see my wife at the time gangbanged by a few guys while I watch as they take her over and over use my wife every way they can leave her dripping in cum .

She's a tidy 55 year old now still love to watch her handle a few hard cock.

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  • I'd like an older guy say 70 to fuck my wife she's 55 hot tight big tits but love old guys to use her and cum inside her

  • Cum screw my wife

  • Guy I would live to see 2 or 3 if you use my wife fuck her hard rough cum everywhere make her cum over and over on your big cocks

  • No one interested in the ex wife's big tits and tight ass

  • Wife has a good body small waist big tits good to fuck like to hear what guys would do to her

  • I'm divorced mostly because of my bad behavior. My ex-wife was faithful, proper, loyal, and professional. I'm still in communication with some of her friends, and for whatever reason they've told me that my ex-wife has turned into a slut, hosting sex parties at her apartment, screwing guys from work, etc. She was never like this when we were together. I'm concerned about her, but we're divorced, no kids, so we've cut ties. I'd like to be a fly on the wall in her place to see what the hell she's up to.

  • I would concentrate on fucking one of your ex-wife's friends. There must have been someone that you wanted? It will be even hotter because it will also be kind of a revenge fucking.

  • Prefer to either fuck ex wife's sister or mother or even our daughter in her 20 s that's ultimate revenge

  • Sounds like she loves sex now love to see her getting fucked hard bet that thought gets you hard

  • My ex showed up for one of my card nights about a two months after we divorced. I was a little surprised but did not send her away, she told us we always needed a fun hostess for poker night so I am here to do it. She went to one of the back bedrooms and came out wearing this really revealing outfit, the guys were all looking at me and asking me WTF is going on. I just shrugged at them and told them I did not invite her over so no idea.
    She was naked and well satisfied several hours later and it was pretty cool watching her getting tag teamed

  • Send her to my house in school st llanbradach south Wales UK I fuck her hard she not want you ever again

  • Yeah very much a one cock woman x

  • At least you could have said your ex-wife was good for something if she got gangbanged right? I bet she was a one cock woman though?

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