Apartment "viewing"

My wife and I live apart for work so we have an apartment for her near the university at which she teaches. Her apartment is on the top floor overlooking the courtyard, providing a pretty good view of the apartments across and on lower floors. Most of the units have patios and french doors covered by floor-to-ceiling blinds. I have noticed that there is a young lady who lives across on the next lower floor who sleeps with her blinds open and her lights on. Like me, she seems to be an early riser and I have seen her doing housekeeping in different states of dress and even completely naked. Directly across there are 2 girls who appear to be roommates and like the one below, tend to leave the blinds open and lights on. Although I have never witnessed any sexual activity between them, one of them tends to walk around in a t-shirt and panties while there and I have even seen her walking around topless. I really enjoy the view here! But of course, it is not just young girls who do this. There is also a younger guy on the floor below who tends to open his blinds in the morning wearing nothing but a hard on. I do not consider myself a pervert nor a peeping tom as I do not go out looking for situations like this, but I am a voyeur at heart so if the situation presents itself as it does here, I will observe and enjoy!

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  • Nothing wrong with being a voyeur. Most everybody likes to look. However, when it elevates to "peeping tom" status, the law is being broken, in most municipalities, states, and countries. It invites other crimes, as well, such as prowling, trespassing, invasion of privacy, etc. The state in which I live, being a peeping tom is a crime which will land you on the sex offender list. I agree with you, if the situation presents itself, and you can observe from the comfort or safety of your own property, or, at a respectable distance in a public space ( such as nude beaches ) by all means, look and enjoy.

  • As a kid I would watch my neighbors niece who was around 23-5 that stayed with her walk around in panties and sometimes no bra. I was around 14 and I couldn’t control my urge to j/o. I think she knew I was watching her. She never made any attempt to close her blinds or shield her windows. I jacked off many many nights to Theresa

  • I'm a single female, live in an apartment in the city. My complex is pretty cheap, so we have our share of bad types, loud parties, drug dealing, etc. Lots of beer drinking on the veranda and cigarette butts on the ground. The apartments are mostly 1 bedrooms or studios. Most of the nudity I've witnessed are creepy old guys, but at least three times in the last year I saw people screwing as I walked by to get to my place. I think a lot of people have an exhibitionist kink.

  • Nothing wrong with looking. If they didn’t want you to look why leave the blinds open? My neighbors wife would purposely leave her blinds open when he was out of town. She would walk around in an open robe or T-shirt and panties. I loved how her ass cheeks would stick out of her panties. I know she did this on purpose.One day after getting the mail both saw me and invited me to have dinner and wine with them. Me and her sat across each other and she started to flirt with me then rub my leg with hers.
    I didn’t want to get caught so I immediately didn’t go along with it.
    I think they both wanted me to play with them cause they kept insisting we jump in the jacuzzi but i resisted. She was so hot looking and I knew I wouldn’t last long inside of her. Now she walks around totally naked and sometimes In only panties. I don’t want to regret having sex with her. She is so sexy and classy but what if something went wrong

  • Many wives are exhibitionists, especially if they’re sexy. They’re always looking for ways to expose themselves. When their husband is away, it’s impossible for them to have clothes on in front of a window.

    As long as they’re sexy, curtains are going to be opened and towels are going to be dropped.

  • I like to strip in front of windows, hoping someone like you is looking. It makes me so wet!

  • The had an office once with an apartment building across the street, saw naked people all the time. I would work late and sometimes I would just stay late and get take out, it was like having cable tv. Mostly I just saw nudity but there were a few sex scenes that were fairly hot.

  • Happens a lot pal, we view about three married couples, three Lesbian couples and a couple that share each other plus have threesomes.

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