Do you ever hang around your house naked?

I started hanging around the house naked quite sometime ago and insist my wife do the same. She is a very pretty girl and I want to watch her sexy walk when she is nude. It feels good when my penis swings back and forth when I walk. I don't like feeling closed in so all the blinds are kept open and we have a
lot of windows.

I do confess I stretched the truth when my wife was concerned about people being able to see inside at night when all the house lights are on. I told her I checked and no you can't really see in by the way the house is situation. Truth be know you can. Am I the only guy that wants your girl to be seen naked?

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  • I walk around naked all the time. I have a lot of windows and try to keep the blinds closed when the kids are out but at night I keep them open. During school time I also keep them open. I work from home and will sit at my desk and play with my nipples and I know the UPS man has watched at times because I’ve seen him
    Pull up and then come up but he doesn’t realize I can see him. I will really put on a show for him. One day I’ll fuck him.

  • I love showing off my wife too

  • No I love exposing my wife , and she enjoys the attention. We're been doing it along time our personal little kinky fun time. It's rare but sometimes it takes another route as well

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