Caught masterbating (girl) by dad, what should I do?

The other day I thought I had the house to myself and was feeling pretty horny, so decided to masterbate. I was on my bed daydreaming listening to music and had been kinda grinding a pillow, which I guess is why I was horny in the first place. Iaid ony front, I slipped a hand inside my jeans and panties and just started stroking myself.
It did not take long for me to flip over and pull my jeans off. I went back to playing with myself through my panties, and then pulled them aside and started fingering. It was going well, I got close to orgasm pretty quick, my eyes were shut and I was enjoying the moment, then I heard a noise over my music.
Thinking maybe someone had come home, I went quiet, pulled out my headphones and opened my eyes, and OMG there was my dad stood in the doorway looking like a rabbit caught in the headlights. I was on my back facing the door legs apart, I quickly crossed my legs, my panties kinda fell back in place, I doubled over trying to hide my self and just exclaimed "dad!" He snapped out of it, and left saying "sorry, sorry sorry" it was so embarrassing. I don't know what to do, and I don't know if mom knows, should I talk to him, or just pretend it didn't happen?
Advice please, plus anyone had same experience?
My name is Amber by the way :)

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  • I have been masterbating alot when I know my dad can hear. I feel now getting caught has been liberating as it has opened it up as normal.
    I have started leaving the door ajar, and almost feel like getting caught again wouldn't be a bad thing!
    I also feel pretty comfortable with my body round my dad and feel kinda sexy, he can look if he wants, kinda sexy too.

  • It was just me and my dad at home last night, I was in my room and horny, I had been chatting on my computer and my hand kept going up my skirt, I gave in and started masterbating. I tried to be quiet but worried about being disturbed again I did the opposite, I went loud. I was faking a bit but it felt great. In the back of my mind I knew dad could hear, but I went for it and had a great but noisy orgasm.

  • Darling you would be screaming out if I was to lick and kiss your pussy in your bedroom.

  • You wish, who are you? How old r u?

  • I didn't mean that in an agreeable way

  • Agressive lol

  • Hi, I have been feeling over the last few days that I have got disturbingly comfortable with my dad seeing my body, to the point where instead of just being myself and not changing habiits, I have subconsciously been giving him more glimpses of me. What's wrong with me? Amber

  • Theres nothing wrong with you. If you comfortable with your dad seeing your body then thats totally ok.

  • ........ From the bottom, it all got too narrow..... I think it would be super wrong for you to be in control, it must be her. As for why I shouldn't have sex with my dad, well, it would be incest, there would be no going back, it would feel wrong, and to top it all I must confess to being a virgin. (Many boys like me but I prefer older guys, but they see me as too young, so right now I'm just pretty good at DIY orgasms lol). If my dad was not my dad, even though he is a bit old I think that would excite me and I would want it from him. Sorry if I sound indecisive, hope you found this comment as well, I want to keep hearing from you.

  • Thank you for your support, can I ask are you a dad or daughter, or neither? Fine whichever

  • I'm a dad x

  • Can I ask, does your daughter show you a bit too much also? How do you feel, are you attracted to her? It's ok if you don't want to answer the second question. Amber

  • My daughter and i have a sexual relationship so obviously i'm attracted to her. My daughter does wear sexy clothing and i think its great.

  • What does she wear? What does she look like?

  • She wears a nighty which is lose and short with no underwear. She is 5"7 with lond dark brown hair and slim.

  • Does she give you glimpses of her bum and pussy? I don't wear nighties often but maybe I should more

  • Yes all the time

  • Can you enjoy seeing her without touching her? What is her bum and pussy like?

  • I can enjoy without touching but i'm lucky because i sleep with my daughter.

  • Sex is too far but I think letting him see something of me is ok, I just don't want it to lead in to sex. Can I ask out of curiousity, which of you takes the lead in sex? Who is on top lol?

  • Hi, my daughter is normal on top but we do take turns. I think its important for her to feel in control. What makes you think sex is too far? Its been great for us.

  • Glad to hear she is in control, I will carry this on further up......

  • You should invite him to join you. He could possibly teach you things & you could both get your rocks off together.

  • Join me? Do you mean let him watch me Jill off???

  • I am pretty convinced now that my dad takes my worn panties from my washing basket. Tested it 3 times. I have also tested clothing on him and he is definitely checking my ass out maybe more.
    I don't want to change how I dress, and I get this is partly my fault for dressing how I do. I would expect any guy to stare at a girl in short short PJ's with a vest top and no bra. Why on earth did I think my dad was different. I guess I dressed like that when I was young and it didn't matter.
    I have been thinking hard about whether or not it matters if my dad finds me attractive or not, and concluded it's ok as long as he keeps his hands to himself. So from today, I will try not to tease, but I will not hide myself either, and I will stop checking my worn washing basket, I'm not gonna think or worry about it.
    Amber X
    Would love to hear comments!

  • You dad taking a interest in you is ok. Most dads do find their daughters attractive and there is nothing wrong with that. You shouldn't change the way you dress if you are happy with it.

  • One area I may need to review is nighties, I er slipped out whilst leaning over in the kitchen and flashed my boobs at my dad. So I guess he has seen every thing. What amazed me was my reaction, not shock, I laughed. Clearly more comfortable now lol. Amber.
    P.s can I ask are you a dad or a daughter?

  • I'm a daughter, its good you are comfortable with him.

  • I am comfortable but is that ok? I was sat the other day and I realized he could see up my skirt, my first thought was to cross my legs or pull my skirt down, but I didn't, I sat there and felt empowered, I may have even let him see more, is that ok? I just didn't mind if he saw my panties but feel I should mind.

  • As long as you are comfortable its totally ok. Are attracted to your dad?

  • First response no, he's my dad, but, I am in to older guys, celebs etc, and if my dad was a film star and not my dad then maybe, kinda yes, eek!

  • Its ok to be attracted to your dad and its absolutely normal .

  • I love hugging him and him hugging me, I know I'm a bit old for hugs, but I feel so safe in my arms. No boyfriend has ever made me feel like that. Sometimes when he hugs me I expect a hand on my bum like a bf would but he doesn't, wouldn't mind if he did.
    He is alot taller than me and when he hugs me my head is against his chest and he kisses me on my head. I think sometimes he smells my hair.

  • It sounds like you really love your dad. Next time you two are hugging guide his hands to your bum, so he knows its ok to do so.

  • Could do. I love the feeling of a hand on my bum

  • So if your door was closed to start with then it is your dads fault and he should have knocked. If you started jillin' with the door open and your legs spread facing it then you wanted to get caught and show your dad and possibly mom how you get off.

  • Bet he wanks thinking about what he you have panties missing? He takes them and wanks with them..

  • Do you think he does wank thinking of me? OMG.
    After I read your message I photographed my washing basket open, and checked then basket against the pic when I got back, knowing he was the only one in. My panties I had been wearing all day had moved, he must have taken them. Double OMG.
    I guess this is my fault, I guess I drove him to it.
    What should I do, call him out or just let him have his fun???? Amber

  • I agree lots of wanking thinking about you x

  • Hey why do they call it masterbating? Do you have to master how you do it?

  • That is so hot Amber!! I bet your dad watched for a good 5-10 minutes. Since he confessed it was more than a glance he saw, he was looking for what your reaction might be. Did you lick your lips?(Chuckle) I think if you want your dad, you could have him. I wish I was your dad. I bet your brother wants you too. You may have to make a choice between them. You may have an erotic dream about one of them that may help you decide. I want you.;) Steve

  • Lol thanks Steve hadn't seen your comment before 'i want you ;)' really? You seem to have some pretty sexual thoughts. How old are you? Are you a dad ? Amber.

  • Even your own daughter is a woman hot and sexy x

  • I don't know if to be freaked out by my dad, mad at him or feel sorry for him. I realise now that in fairness to him the way I dress round the house is not how I would dress around men as it might be a bit inviting, short shorts PJ's and no bra little vests etc. I guess I just thought as my dad he would be imune to it, maybe I have been teasing him for years. I have to admit when I see my brother walking round in his boxers I kinda check him out then realise what I am doing and look away and shout at him to get dressed, I guess it's the same.
    Obviously he would not try anything, but maybe my dad's reaction is normal. Its like 'Oh yes, naked girl, she is hot - oh god no, daughter, must look away, but can't, but must'
    Maybe I should give him a break and try to be more descrete in the future, or accept that looking is only human.
    What do you think?
    So many emotions. Amber

  • Amber does it turn you on knowing he looks at you with lust?

  • I can find it a turn on when men look at me with lust, even older men, but this is my dad, so it's wrong.

  • But he’s just a man at the end of the day

  • Or you should rail.

  • He will have checked you out s lot before you realised he was watching you x

  • Thanks everyone for your help, I was going to say I had decided to leave it and say no more, but last night my dad came to see me to apologise (mega awkward) I hoped it would be quick and he would leave it but the last thing he said freaked me out, "sorry I stared, I shouldn't have, I was being a man not a dad, I should have looked away..." Just how long was he admiring the view before he realised it was wrong.
    Any thoughts anyone? Amber

  • Hey Amber, the main question would be: do you have any interest in your dad (sexually) at all? If you do, then go to him and flirt with him a little bit. Let him know that you are available and want him also. If you have no interest in him, then just ignore his advance and pretend it didn't happen, hopefully, he will get the idea. If you have any questions, I will try to help with them. My name is Jared btw.

  • You should have said would you like to watch again.

    What do you feel about it. Does it turn you on or is it just freaking you out?

  • I doubt very long after he processed what he was seeing. Sounds like he is being straight up with you. I'm sure it was difficult and awkward for him as well to own up to his mistake with his daughter. Just move on from here. It's one of those things in life that can happen.

  • Nothing, you've done ENOUGH!! lol

  • I came home early from work one day and it sounded like someone was doing jumping jacks on my daughters bed upstairs. I then heard her moaning out words like fuck yes and OMG, yes, yes. I guess she figured since no one else was home it was okay so I just sat in the living room and watched something.
    They both came down about a half hour later and my daughter just looked at me and asked how long had I been home, not wanting to embarrass her I said about five minutes.
    My point would be that if you are living in a house with other people always make the assumption that you are not alone.

  • Something like this happened with me and my stepdad. But when I went in to the den to try and explain myself he was just smiling and stroking. It’s kind of weird thinking I’ve swallowed cum that made my siblings.

  • Please help to Lilu:

  • Nothing. Just drop it and leave it be.

  • Ask him to lick your fingers :)

  • Nope. As a dad and grandfather I can tell you it is better to just let it go. As adults, we all know kids start doing it sooner or later. Have fun!

  • Father of 3 and I agree with this. Let it go. We know these things go on and it's perfectly fine.

  • Also a dad. Forget it ever happened.

  • Ask dad if he liked the show.

  • Omg are you serious, what if he said yes? Lol
    I suppose it's one way of making him feel more awkward. But no.

  • My stepdad caught me and his son. We talked about it and it turned out ok. He was more proud than anything.

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